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  2. Oil filter relocation block adapter and rear main seal plate.
  3. Oh man, I’ve been around. Staying busy at work and working in the little bit of time I get for the car. Hows your harness replacement going?
  4. I was wondering where ya been the other day funny enough.
  5. This all happened between February and September 2021. I had roughly 3.5 months of military stuff I did in that time frame also. Spent a little over 2.5 months in California and then spent another month in Arizona a couple months later. Then decided to pull the engine for the build on 22DEC21. It’s getting a brand new gen 2 block, boss rods, and forged 12.5:1 compression pistons. I had to get my 3 year old to help me lol. Found the input seal on the transmission was leaking and soaked my ram clutch in oil. Everything says I’m supposed to replace it but I’m going to run it and see what happens. Tore the trans down for a rebuild Also ordered a billet 5-R shift fork and mod kit that takes the trans from a double disconnect system and makes it a single disconnect with a synchronizer for reverse. Then today 09Jan22, I put some etch primer on the new engine block, timing cover, transmission, and intake manifold. Tomorrow I will be spraying the base coat/clear coat and then get ready for reassembly. So far, I’ve got everything I need for the trans, just need my crankshaft back from balancing at the matching shop and I’ll be ready to go.
  6. I also discovered the phaser bolts on the gen 2 intake phasers are reverse thread. I broke every single bolt and nobody makes replacements so I had to order two more phasers because these brand new ones couldn’t go back together. FYI, the gen 1 had regular thread bolts. Dont be like me lol.
  7. I also had been having a cam phaser issue for some time now. It would show up when it wanted to and then it would run perfect for a while. I got all new phasers and solenoids, and I went ahead and swapped to the gen 2 setup so I now have 70° Advance over the 50° that it had before. Also put on a ported intake for testing. After the cam swap, when I started it up it ran like crap. Then came to learn the gen 2 coyote times different than the gen 1. So I tore it down and retimed. It still ran like crap. Had to get the wife out there to help me put it back together. I found out one of my 4 cams was for an f150. Apparently Gen 2 f150’s have a different firing order than the mustangs. I ordered a mustang cam but they sent the f150 cam. Just so happened @white95 had the cam I needed laying around, so I got that from him and fought back and forth with the dealer to get refunded for the wrong cam they sent. Got that squared away and went back to driving. It definitely pulled harder up top, before I could tell when it wanted me to shift, with this setup it went straight to the 7800 limiter and never let up. Tried to get to the track but it never worked out. I did make it one day but it rained and the track stayed wet. So it was just the daily grocery getter.
  8. After this update, I installed bbk swap headers to replace the home made eBay 2v long tube contraption I had on there. Had the exhaust shop bend up a 3” h-pipe and hang a set of hooker max flow mufflers. They idle quiet and are mellow at cruise but they scream at wide open, and have no drone. I love the way it sounds now. i also swapped to an innovators west harmonic balancer. It made the engine noticeably smoother and looks bad ass. And I had burnt up 4, yes 4, parts store replacement radiator fans. They’d work for a month and burn up. I ended up getting a fan and shroud from Delta PAG. It took a little while to get it but the work is top notch and the fan is flat out amazing. It’s a brushless fan that flows like crazy. Highly recommend them.
  9. trust me its one of those grass is greener things. When she was in school and just starting out she would come home from class and want to try some new style she learned. Back then it was great just because it was REALLY easy to turn a good massage into a great one with a happy ending when your dating the therapist but then she graduated and started working and it wasn't long after that point that she didn't want to rub anyone else after a long day and by that point I didn't want to rub her much either.
  10. LoL. I could use one of those (massage therapist). I had a disc replacement done back in June for my neck and it was immediately 100% better. I still have some stiffness at times though from that. The back issues im dealing with now is almost as bad. Muscle relaxers work for the first 2 or 3 days, then its jusy a constant ache that comes and goes.
  11. That sucks as back and neck injuries are the worst IMO since you just can't find any position that does not hurt. I also hate it because when my back hurts I miss my ex-girlfriend that was a massage therapist and missing that cray cray woman is never a good thing....
  12. not really. I was out on disability the majority of the year with a herniated disc in my neck. Got back to work for 3 months and then screwed up my back (a week ago). This year has been pretty crappy. I did finally buy a battery for the thing 2 weeks ago, it still runs. Lol. But its been under a car cover and hasnt moved in over a year. Im debating on ordering a Ms3pro pnp setup for the car bc the tune in it sucks during cold startup. im slowly getting more interested in messing with it. ive got all the stuff needes to plumb in the PS cooler. I ordered all the stuff to replumb the AC system with stock lines, of course nothing fits… back to AN stuff it goes. i still need to get some front tires and some new seats. Possibly come spring time i’ll be back to doing a few small things to the car…. Unless this job interview in Jan. pana out, then its going to be alot of waiting again. Lol
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  14. Thanks for the info. The motor is OK, the regulator needs repair/replacement.
  15. yup I think I know that car. How are yer rods yer making coming along?
  16. IIRC the front/rear motors are the same front/rear if you just wanted to replace them although I think thought I heard there was a difference between left/right. I am not sure what you would do with the handle if you could replace it with manual parts.
  17. was that a deal where another person or two would have made the difference or would it just suck no matter how many?
  18. Completed the roll bar installation: Completely FUCK ever installing one of these again.
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