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  3. Remember when we were gonna see the unveiling 2015?! Rich have you ever finished this car?! 😎
  4. I’ve added an Innovators West harmonic balancer, a flex fuel sensor, a new wideband 02 (DLG-1) with dual sensors, a new steering wheel, wiring harness/reverse lockout relay control for the T56 magnum, license plate light lenses, coil pack bolts and hood bumpers to the parts list for this round of work. Last Sunday we pulled the engine and @LWARRIOR1016whisked it away to an unnamed government facility for brainwashing. 😭 Just look at how slick those bearings are! This engine was mint.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODU-l_G8B2s&t=133s We recently released a video explaining the differences between lumens, lux, and candela and which of the 3 determine the true output of an automotive LED bulb or lamp. Check it out above! Also, don't forget to PM us for free standard-economy USPS shipping! John C. Diode Dynamics
  6. We’re going disassemble the engine and rebuild it into a new FoMoCo Gen 2 block with JE 12.5:1 pistons/rings, L&M intake cams and a Boundary billet crank gear. I’ve never missed an opportunity to upgrade following disaster.
  7. that does suck. But lets learn from it, move on and start making a plan for bigger and better. What can all be used again, what is going to have to be replaced?
  8. Neglect on the owners part. Got so wrapped up with a three week outage at work, then winterizing my home (in south Louisiana) THEN working 48 hrs straight.... that I forgot to flush the water and refill with 50/50 :(
  9. Decided to put the car on jack stands last night to address a few tasks today. My intention was to add another degree to my pinion angle, replace the fuel hat seal and install the exhaust clamp/hangers. Started the car, pulled it up on blocks and started to jack the rear by the TA. While I was placing the jack stands, I noticed a few puddles of water and was immediately worried. My initial search proved inconclusive and I couldn’t find any leaks. Shined the light under the intake and found a significant amount of water. This had me sick! I couldn’t bring myself to chase this
  10. Any progress/updates? Would love to know if you've made any plans or if you're still waiting to hear something.
  11. Went back out to the track last Sunday (31Jan21). First pass off the trailer was 11.92 @ 115 with a 1.72 60’. That was my best pass for the day because the tires were trash. They are old and worn out. Had new tires on order anyway. Going to a 28” tire from a 26”. The new tires came in yesterday (02Feb21). Went and got those mounted and am going to try again tonight. The weather should be good. Hoping to do a little better.
  12. Getting ready for that foot of snow (old school dancing banana never goes out of style)
  13. Can't ya just find a buddy in the loading hanger that can hide it in the luggage area of a C130? Seems like those things are big enough to hide a car or two. Then just get in good with the pilot and him to a flyover and drop it out the back like I see them do with the hummers! I mean tell me that a couple bottle of whisky and a couple cartons of smokes and I do not see why this could not happen...
  14. Thanks man, I’m hoping it turns out alright. I’ve got some more done to the rear end. Started making the front mounts and getting those welded in.
  15. Now this is freaking cool!
  16. Took the MM tag frame off the truck and put it on the car. I haven’t touched the car since the dyno day but I finally started to attack my workshop. Again. Seems I spent more time working on the car and less time on anything else. Your workspace can get away from you if you let it. This is officially the first time I’ve cleaned the workshop AND been able to move the unicorn under its own power since 2016. My “critical path” list is the shortest it has ever been. So... Let’s talk about the fuel leak. It’s most certainly coming from the opening the fuel pump fit in. My
  17. its hard to tell from the pictures so i'm going to ask. i tried LED bulbs in my tails and pulled them out because the change from running light to brake light was minimal. i didn't feel safe that the common idiot behind me would recognize the difference and see that i was braking. Do yours have enough of a brightness change?
  18. Made sure the rear end was located right where I want it, then marked the frame to cut it and set the frame down about 2” lower than what it was in the picture above. Cut the stock rubber mounts off and sanded it smooth, made the frame cuts and got it welded up to the frame in the rear. Going to make mounts for the front and weld that up to the frame. Right now the pinion angle is at 3° up, so it should be easy to match with the trans.
  19. Switched gears and started working on the rear end. Pulled the bed off and cut all the stock rear end brackets off. Then hung the IRS under the frame to get an idea on location and wheel fitment. It looks like the SN wheels fit just right under the bed. In the picture here, the rear end was moved forward too far, it got moved back before any cuts were made.
  20. They don’t look too bad on there.
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