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  2. Call me crazy, but machining my own connecting rods has been a desire of mine for awhile now. Keep in mind that i am more of a hobbyist than a macho man king of the street kind of guy. Yes, pursuing more hp is a desire but im doing this at a level i can afford and also the hp level is nothing spectacular. Enjoy the pics
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  5. Wow This guy has great tech info. To bad he is gay
  6. I thought i was registered here, but couldnt log on, so i created another account. I have a black 1996 Mustang Gt swapped 5.4l 2v
  7. I have a '95 Mustang convertible that needs a left rear power window regulator. Is it possible to replace the assembly with manual regulator parts? I can't find the power regulator anywhere. The motor is good but the window ratchets loudly.
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  9. Thanks fellas. I’m glad I never fully parted it out and sold the shell. I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten over the regret. Not the best picture but I put the side skirts on.
  10. shame we didn't get a chance to hook up down at MW. maybe next time
  11. i can't believe it's gotten this far finally!! fantastic job Josef! looks amazing with the fenders
  12. Started to reassemble it further. Remembered I needed to trim the Cobra bumper more. Found some overspray on my wheels.
  13. I’m actually a little sad that there isn’t any missing paint anymore. Scars are a good thing. That’s how we get all of our good stories to tell.😂
  14. Wired in the T56 harness, installed the DLG-1 wideband, removed what I didn’t want painted and sent the car to the body shop!!
  15. Now that I have a GoPro Hero 7 I can start and stop recording at will. This leads to shorter clips but I keep forgetting to start/stop the camera so… Here is a 7 part series lol
  16. So now that the work was completed, it was time to play. I had to be considerate of the hundreds of lineman helping to restore power in the wake of the hurricane, so, I only slalomed road cones twice. 🥳 She really does have a pretty face now and I can’t wait to see what she looks like with the Cobra bumper on. Videos to follow this post.
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