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  1. The Raptor goes in to API next week to get the infotainment installed, tune updated and rewire of the intercooler fans, which run ALLLL the time. they're going on a relay baby. After that it's up on stands for some quality garage time!
  2. With the Deaver springs I got a noticeable ride improvement. The stock leaf is stiff, and would buck the truck on high speed bumps. these are more progressive and it takes bumps sooooo much better, just kushes over bumps. the truck does roll more when cornering on the street. much better ride quality. 👍 Next I have a few things in the garage i'm gearing up to install soon: bumpstop and traction bars coated and ready: lights ready for mach-up on the bumper once I get the bumper on the truck i need to decide on the color. thinking
  3. Hey there guys Hope you all are enjoying some time at home with the Family durring this crazy time. Just posting up a quick update on the Truck I bumped up to 37's and like how it turned out. but it wasn't easy. going from 35 to 37 has these issues: spare doesn't fit between the frame rails any more, and it does rub the firewall/pinch weld on the front wells. i shaved the fender liner, pinch weld and created as much space as possible, it still rubbed when compressed while turning around 30 degrees. With the Fox 3.0's its basically a coilover
  4. Traction Bar Kit Bumpstop kit Deaver +1 springs Front bumper with new skid plate I got the parts raw because i'm going to weld tabs to mount a bunch of lights then have it all powdercoated. Should be fun to install. Happy Holidays!
  5. Yesterday I got some good stuff from Rogue Racing!
  6. I'm getting tired of black wheels. everyone and their dog has black wheels. So i've been playing around a bit. These are my fuel wheels i've had since I got the truck: Here is the face polished. it looks pretty good. definatley better. but chrome is next to black in popularity, so I want it to be different... Stripped: went with a color called extruded bronze. superchrome powdercoat (because bronze is transparent so you need a reflective coat under to get the shine/varience. and the color:
  7. Hey guys, lil updated on the ol daily driver:
  8. You're gonna love the TA White - was one of my favorite mods. totally changes how well the car drives. Better, solid, level. Good stuff man.
  9. Summer update. Last weekend I towed our boat to LP - about a 5 HR drive one way. boat had bad starter, had to bring back, then back to lake, then home. so plenty of test time driving under a load in 102 degree weather. the upgraded Rad works great! - temp never got over half way on the range. rearend temp would rise about 3/4 on the range on a long hill, then back to middle. So I'd call it a successfull test. truck drove great in TOW/Haul mode as well. Here's some pics. hope you all had a good 4th! Gauge mounted. (crappy pic) I also adde
  10. Yes, I noticed that the wifes Q5 creaks a little bit on gutters and stuff. I'll post up when I install. Also got their wheel spacers to flush these coppers out
  11. Thanks Guys, I'm happy with how it turned out. it' gets really good shine in the sun. I've been talking to 034 Motorsports... looking at some chassis upgrades https://store.034motorsport.com/audi/rs/rs5/b8/4-2l-fsi.html Their chassis cross brace fits the RS and the SQ.... Black - if you haven't seen this stuff you may wanna checkitout.
  12. Dude, Nice work BlackMagic! I like the all road, i'm a lil to tall to fit. having 2 audi's myself, I really like driving them. Manual Conversion, that's amazing. looks like a lot of work. was it worth it? also love the S wheel, looks good on there 😊 I am about to pull the trigger on some items from 034 for mine. may need you to come install em!

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