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  1. Got mine all wrapped up this weekend.
  2. Yes it is water in there. Pump failure isn't a huge concern. Besides my processor has a cpu temp warning that pops up if i didn't notice that my temps were getting out of hand on my second monitor that runs tempurature monitoring software. There's a lot of products out there to help you with basic monitoring. Everything from pinwheels to provide instant information that the pumps are still moving water to systems that will control led light bars to change the color based on the cpu temp.
  3. Thanks, but one afternoon on Overclock.net (especially the watercooling thread) and you'll see some really monster rigs. Quad Titans, 3990k's, quad SSD's in raid configuration, etc... These AMD chips don't like to get warm at all, 60c on the chip itself is about as hot as you really want to get. My old 560ti's used to run in the 90c range on Furmark by comparison. The new Gtx 670 which is currently hooked to it's own dual 240mm length radiator won't get any hotter than 40c no matter what I do. Hoping that the cpu will stay closer to 40-50c under load with the added radiator and tying it in a
  4. Ehh, just wait til you get a letter in the mail claiming you're at fault for some sort of mechanical failure from his fly-by-night lawyer. After all you've said, he doesn't sound like the kind of guy who owns up to personal responsibility well.
  5. Bought this as a daily when i had a 40 mile round trip commute in Indiana and had to worry about snow. 2012 Honda CR-Z EX - 6 speed manual - hybrid - navigation - hid's - bluetooth - voice control for most functions
  6. Nothing says stupid like going WOT in an unfamiliar high hp car on wet roads with no stability or traction control. New project looks nice though.
  7. Yea my 8 core is technically a 4 core with 4 virtual cores. There's a really good overclocking guide for the ASUS boards with UEFI-bios over on overclock.net. It's geared towards Bulldozer and Piledriver architecture chips, but some of it may be useful for you. http://www.overclock.net/t/1348623/amd-bulldozer-and-piledriver-overclocking-guide-asus-motherboard/0_50 Here's some pics of mine running at night in it's current config. Re-doing the waterblock and the routing of the coolant. Also looking to replace these UV cold Cathode tubes with something a little brighter. Setup is pret
  8. Not bad, and the Thuban isn't a horrible chip to hang onto. Surprised you were having the issues keeping it stable. My current setup. ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 AMD FX-8350 (4.6ghz stable but looking to improve) EVGA GTX-670 (1242 max boost clock) Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1866mhz 120gb Samsung 840 series ssd for operating system and games 1TB western digital 7200rpm hard drive for backup All of this is watercooled inside a Coolermaster HAF XB case. If I'd stop tinkering with this thing I'd certainly have a few more bucks for the Mustang.
  9. I've always wanted to see the front bumper "built-up" to keep the body lines going across instead of being interrupted by the front plate spot, especially since I live in a state without front plates.
  10. Yea, I'm not too intimidated by it. Just another thing to worry about. Found the driver's rear parking brake cable was seized up and not releasing now so that's been slowly boiling the brake fluid. Replacing it tonight hopefully.
  11. Daily and the toy together in front of the house. 2011 Honda CR-Z EX - 6 speed with navigation - Only mods have been the Honda backlit door sill plates, tint, and blacked out the badges. I just can't see much point in doing anything else to it. I mean if money wasn't an object I'd throw a little lip spoiler on the back of the hatch, and drop it on some new wheels, but it's just a commuter at this point. Drive it like I stole it and it won't do any worse than 32mpg.
  12. Also the Falken earns "cool points" for looking badass.
  13. I used to be a fan of the 275/40-17 Falken Azenis RT-615K, but if driven on the street they will heat cycle pretty quickly and turn purpl'ish on the outer edges and start to lose grip quickly. Those were the last set I did any real competition on. I've heard good news on the Rivals. So if the sizing fits then take a look there. My car much preferred the square setup to it's staggered setup now.
  14. BTW, I also nailed it in 2nd around a corner and the thing totally spun just one of the tires. Looks like I'll be doing a Trac-loc rebuild over the winter. At this point the car is getting nothing else done to it as I think I'm going to plan for a Factory Five build in a couple years. We'll just enjoy this while I have it and keep the base parts that will transfer in good shape and say to hell with the rest that doesn't.
  15. Stainless lines installed and bled. Pedal feels great when the car is off, but the pedal travel is really long still. Typical Atlanta traffic today meant that there weren't any opportunities for me to get it up to speed and do a true panic braking maneuver safely. I don't know if there's air in the ABS block, but I'm tempted to just delete the damned ABS and be done with it. Anyone know someone who makes a replacement ABS distribution block? Otherwise it's off to Ford for an alignment and brake bleed when i get back from vacation.

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