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    Mustangs , girls , my Harley , diesel trucks , Dirtbiking , quading . Last but not least racing , wether it's drag racing or drifting or auto cross .

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  1. No updates lately . Rc life took over summer for me hahah . Well summers over so just started ordering some maximum motorprots goodies for the IRS and it's time to yank the motor for some winter upgrades pics to follow after I make the 4 hour drive home after work tonight .
  2. Nice progress guess I should finally get around to installing my irs as well ?
  3. When you told me to join here years ago as the other forum was going to shits at first I questioned it. I then soon realized it's a peaceful place over here
  4. Well good news here guess I'll stick around
  5. Nice I've already got one car for the strip this ones for tracks with turns , i wouldn't mind going over some options
  6. That's just silly I can't put that stuff in the yellow unit lol . But I wouldn't mind doing air on this thing one day but currently I want it to handle great because I plan to drive the living shit out of it this season. I'm just trying to seal the deal on this terminator running gear from the guy I bought the irs from . His price is a couple grand more then I wanna pay
  7. Yea I cut the smaller lugs out things insane in the snow now
  8. So much snow here lately all I do is play with my rc car lol
  9. Im leaning towards some ccws I've always wanted work wheels though . I'm used to fobs over here man in Vancouver the land where we are minorities ?
  10. Thanks buddy I want ride tech suspension so bad ? Yea I've always wanted one even for my yellow unit but that cars gone so far in another direction. I drove the mystic on long road trips this year and enjoyed it hell I put like 17,000kms on it 3 months ?
  11. Yea i think I may know the place you're talking about I like vvs xs or whatever they are and meisters are always cool . I found it from a local guy . Rolocut had one for 1400 like a month ago I wanted to buy but this one came up and it was 58kms from my house . I said I wasn't going balls deep with this car but I know I will it's way funnier to drive on the street then yellow unit. Even with 300 less hp lol ?. If I come across a IRS I'll let you know
  12. Nice looking car should be a lot of fun when you get her going again .
  13. Thanks buddy pretty stoked to get it in

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