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    Mustangs , girls , my Harley , diesel trucks , Dirtbiking , quading . Last but not least racing , wether it's drag racing or drifting or auto cross .

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    Been on here for years
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    1994 mustang gt
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  1. When you told me to join here years ago as the other forum was going to shits at first I questioned it. I then soon realized it's a peaceful place over here
  2. Well good news here guess I'll stick around
  3. Musturd


    Non wonder it moves out really nice direct port ;)
  4. Nice I love this feature . I sign on boom a notification ... This forum don't have this feature and bam takes me to this thread , good addition p.s I've been drinking and working on musturd ... Side skirts check . It's getting close now put the glass in and get my new et streets installed and it's go time .
  5. Yea this sites pretty sweet a bunch of cool guys and girls with some awesome builds and advice
  6. Yea it would I can do a solid days driving non stop done it before that covers a long distance
  7. Hmm Carlisle is even closer for my Canadian ass I'm planning on doing one of these big shows this up coming season . MW = 48+hr drive lol
  8. Ill order mine this weekend my playboy one is gettin shit kicked
  9. Lol nice pics Bryan . The pic of Tyler doing the finger nose thing is great and Bryan on the trailer in the lineup working on his car classic as well .
  10. Sick pics and vids and gotta love sexport lights boys ... That makes me want to bag my Stang even more now - - - Updated - - - The best part those are Tony's old wheels

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