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  1. Do people still use this? After disappearing, thought maybe i would make an appearance.
  2. So turns out there is a few issues. The timing cover gasket was toast and the culprit for the majority of the leaks. And there might be a leak from the oil pan and rear main seal. The folks over at GTR fixed the timing cover so I can get back on track! pun intended.
  3. Haven't really been active on forums or even on my social because I've been doing the business thing. Haven't touched the car, haven't really driven it, and definitely haven't tracked it. So here is basically the run down: I got rid the hood, bumper, air dam, spoiler. Currently the interior is stripped. It has no headlights. Still battling electrical issues. And leaks. Still has many many issues. Currently, car is over at GTR to get rid of the leaks. Going to fix the power steering cooler. Going to install some gauges and monitor some stuff to see what changes do what. The splitter is still sitting there. So here are a few things I am messing with, and yes it will be a bit of advertising, sue me later. 1.) I had removed my previous SuperbrightLED corners for some switchbacks that I carry. Switchback is white, and when the turn signal is on, it will turn amber, and when off, it goes back to white. The amber light on the new bulbs are brighter than the ones they replaced. 2.) Got rid of the SVE aluminum radiator and put back stock. And all removed the CCRM bracket and reservoir. Going to relocate elsewhere. 3.) I bought a set of those Euro style headlights a while back after selling my Depo Projectors with the intent to retrofit. This was prior to opening up the business. Finally had some time to mess with the headlights. Right now, they are a part and getting ready for full paint and will be going up for sale soon. 4.) Since getting rid of my vented hood, I had the idea to do my own vents, i.e. cutting big ass holes in the hood to reduce engine bay temps and reduce lift. This is what I had thrown around. 5.) Had some projector lens custom etched for the race car. Here they are with demon eyes. 6.) Originally, I wanted to use the euro headlights until I had time to open up some cobra rep headlights because they are a lot harder. Well, I got them a part sooner than I thought, so i started messing with them. Hence why the euro headlights are going up for sale. 7.) dropped off the car at GTR, about 5 weeks ago, so waiting for that call to pay and pick her up. As I start getting stuff replaced, things are going to be popping up for sale. Oil cooler setup Fan Brakes rearend spindles front suspension parts roll bar audio system seats and harness dash bezel radio bezel abs module Things here and there. You'll start seeing things pop up.
  4. test fitted the raxiom icon. Not a fan tbh.
  5. Well, got some good news earlier this month. Redline accepted me to their 2018 Team! I will be running their Motor oil, race oil, water wetter, power steering fluid (its actually ATF), fuel system cleaner, lead additive, possibly brake fluid, and eventually gear oil and transmission fluid.
  6. test fitted the raxiom icon. Not a fan tbh.
  7. Here is my blog where I post DIY's, tech articles, and some discussions. Also, social media accounts for random stuff and race events. And YouTube for race videos and other random stuff. Follow and enjoy! https://maddmotorsportsdesign.blog https://www.facebook.com/MaddMotorsports/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/xdxpx/albums/ https://www.instagram.com/maddmotorsportsdesign/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWBSrsjtgbG1kg_73ZlcMg
  8. Let me know when you are ready! Group buys (10 or more) are always cheaper, just remember that
  9. Projectors: Morimoto and Acme Complete HID systems: Acme, Profile, Morimoto, and Hylux Bulbs: the ones above and CNlights. LEDs: Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, Profile,
  10. Splitter hasnt been put on yet :(. But it will soon! And you'll love it;)
  11. Well, its official! Madd Retros is open for business! Theres HIDs, LEDs, Halos, Demon Eyes, projectors, even light bars! I have two coupons codes for people to use for being a member of the forum, however, since ive known you guys for years, just PM me if you need something!
  12. The race version is much better in turns of effectiveness because it closes off the bumper. Looks better to imo , I think it'll look pretty good with your saleen kit!
  13. Got the Carter's Customs street diffuser mounted up and ready to go! Woo! It made such a huge difference in looks!

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