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  1. Hell yea! Glad to hear Scott! Josh we all can meet up and hang out. I'm hoping I might have a new car by then. If not I'll just be it the GT and might roll down on the slicks not to sure yet.
  2. I go every year, usually only on Saturdays but this year I'll be there from Friday night until Sunday. Ryan I'll be sure to stop by!
  3. It's the first weekend in Oct. is anyone going? I know Det_riot is heading down.
  4. I will be going next year. Going to start saving like next week, 50 a week in my piggy bank. Should come out to a decent amount to play with down there
  5. What I saw on Facebook about the motorcycle hitting the car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @RideTech_Ryan I will be going next year for sure! If you all do go I'm sure Bryan ( @Det_Riot ) would meet up with us and cruise down. I was suppose to run with him, @Steve-Oh, and @tony this year but my grandma has been in and out of the hospital so I gave up my spot. Anyway Bryan I should be up to get that secret (car) body part for my car at the Dream Cruise.
  7. Yeah in 2013. They tried to tow his car and fucked his front bumper up. It happened right after I left Dans beach house.
  8. Yeah it rained down there 2years ago then cleared right up.
  9. I'm a super sad panda from right now until July 2016
  10. If I'm not closing on my house that week I'll be there
  11. Well I'd love to have some LED lights inside my car. It's to dim in there.
  12. I am about 3 and a half hours from STL. What kind of lighting are your products? Interior? Headlight? Tail lights? I'd be more then happy to ride out there since I absolutely love STL. But if they are headlights I already have 6k hids. If you want a comparison of a competitor id be happy to make the trip west.
  13. I'll send my preorder with the money for the beach house! Large

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