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    frankjdperez and fjdperformance
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    California Bay Area
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    racecars, racing, racing racecars, racing racecars fast... i think you got this one...

    Honestly i have a lot of interests but dont know how to show them all

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    Ive known of the site for years
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    Frank J. Perez

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    Stealth Mare aka The Mare
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  1. That duck looks like it'd be GIB with that smiley face
  2. You've been looking for a car for like 3 years
  3. Austin was sending too many dick pics The very same!
  4. Hey guys and gals, Im Frank and i own a 97 GT and am the guy behind the soon to be known FJD Performance. I made myself somewhat known over the last few years over on the forums, but due to recent events i am migrating here. I will be bringing as much of my info from there here so bare with me and my awesome awkwardness. The "Tits Legit" founder of SN95F is here to stay!
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