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  1. @Det_Rioti need dash updates!! Or car updates in general. I’m getting ready to 6r80 swap my car and I’m seriously considering looking in to the dash/interior swap as well.
  2. Boundary got back with me and said there was copper found in my oil pump gears so they did not warranty them. They gave me a “racers warranty” that’s a 50% discount. So the gears are on the way. They were supposed to be delivered today but did not show up. Since I’m waiting on pump gears, I made an oil crossover line for the back of the heads. It’s supposed to balance oil pressure between the heads and prevent them from dead heading.
  3. Rod clearance was also .0015” so I’m pretty pleased with the king bearings so far. Normally I use clevite but I’ve been hearing good stuff about king so I gave them a shot.
  4. Assembled the piston/rod combo after picking up my crank from being balanced. continued cleaning everything. I took the oil pump apart to inspect and clean and found my boundary pump gears were chewed up. I don’t know what’s up with that because the bearings were all healthy. The gears are now shipped off to boundary to see if they will warranty them. After that, I checked the main bearing clearances and found all of them to be .0015” so I’m happy with that. Also filed the rings. Then assembled the short block. Tomorrow I am going to clean up the heads and probably bolt them on tomorrow. I can do that and get the cams installed but I cannot time it until the oil pump gets sorted out.
  5. Oil filter relocation block adapter and rear main seal plate.
  6. Oh man, I’ve been around. Staying busy at work and working in the little bit of time I get for the car. Hows your harness replacement going?
  7. This all happened between February and September 2021. I had roughly 3.5 months of military stuff I did in that time frame also. Spent a little over 2.5 months in California and then spent another month in Arizona a couple months later. Then decided to pull the engine for the build on 22DEC21. It’s getting a brand new gen 2 block, boss rods, and forged 12.5:1 compression pistons. I had to get my 3 year old to help me lol. Found the input seal on the transmission was leaking and soaked my ram clutch in oil. Everything says I’m supposed to replace it but I’m going to run it and see what happens. Tore the trans down for a rebuild Also ordered a billet 5-R shift fork and mod kit that takes the trans from a double disconnect system and makes it a single disconnect with a synchronizer for reverse. Then today 09Jan22, I put some etch primer on the new engine block, timing cover, transmission, and intake manifold. Tomorrow I will be spraying the base coat/clear coat and then get ready for reassembly. So far, I’ve got everything I need for the trans, just need my crankshaft back from balancing at the matching shop and I’ll be ready to go.
  8. I also discovered the phaser bolts on the gen 2 intake phasers are reverse thread. I broke every single bolt and nobody makes replacements so I had to order two more phasers because these brand new ones couldn’t go back together. FYI, the gen 1 had regular thread bolts. Dont be like me lol.
  9. I also had been having a cam phaser issue for some time now. It would show up when it wanted to and then it would run perfect for a while. I got all new phasers and solenoids, and I went ahead and swapped to the gen 2 setup so I now have 70° Advance over the 50° that it had before. Also put on a ported intake for testing. After the cam swap, when I started it up it ran like crap. Then came to learn the gen 2 coyote times different than the gen 1. So I tore it down and retimed. It still ran like crap. Had to get the wife out there to help me put it back together. I found out one of my 4 cams was for an f150. Apparently Gen 2 f150’s have a different firing order than the mustangs. I ordered a mustang cam but they sent the f150 cam. Just so happened @white95 had the cam I needed laying around, so I got that from him and fought back and forth with the dealer to get refunded for the wrong cam they sent. Got that squared away and went back to driving. It definitely pulled harder up top, before I could tell when it wanted me to shift, with this setup it went straight to the 7800 limiter and never let up. Tried to get to the track but it never worked out. I did make it one day but it rained and the track stayed wet. So it was just the daily grocery getter.
  10. After this update, I installed bbk swap headers to replace the home made eBay 2v long tube contraption I had on there. Had the exhaust shop bend up a 3” h-pipe and hang a set of hooker max flow mufflers. They idle quiet and are mellow at cruise but they scream at wide open, and have no drone. I love the way it sounds now. i also swapped to an innovators west harmonic balancer. It made the engine noticeably smoother and looks bad ass. And I had burnt up 4, yes 4, parts store replacement radiator fans. They’d work for a month and burn up. I ended up getting a fan and shroud from Delta PAG. It took a little while to get it but the work is top notch and the fan is flat out amazing. It’s a brushless fan that flows like crazy. Highly recommend them.
  11. Went back out to the track last Sunday (31Jan21). First pass off the trailer was 11.92 @ 115 with a 1.72 60’. That was my best pass for the day because the tires were trash. They are old and worn out. Had new tires on order anyway. Going to a 28” tire from a 26”. The new tires came in yesterday (02Feb21). Went and got those mounted and am going to try again tonight. The weather should be good. Hoping to do a little better.

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