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  1. I’ll be the first whore. I dont do tapatalk though
  2. Man, I totally should have followed through with the intake idea like you are. In the midst of a coyote swap and I’m kicking myself in the butt for not doing it now. Im interested in the s550 bracket. Did you see if those would fit behind a 17” wheel like the gt500’s did? And what’s the wheel spacer situation with these? Any idea on price?
  3. Happy birthday, Old Fart

  4. I was hoping for the dark theme also, this one does have more contrast in it though so I think its better than the temp theme we had.
  5. I heart this post. I will happily help help whenever I can.
  6. Hi there! How can you be riored4v if your car isn't Rio Red?
  7. The broken heart is much better. The reaction thing is new to me, can I ask what the point of all of it is?
  8. What are you having? 6 weeks isnt far away at all and before you know it, theyll be 4 years old and trying to do everything you do. My daughter loves my car and always wants to work on it.
  9. Hey man, welcome back. Im a new comer here but Ive seen your name around a bit. Kids will definitely put a hold on car stuff but they are so much fun. The forum has definitely been moving in a positive direction lately.
  10. What!?!? Tapatalk? Damn, evil finally broke you guys lol.
  11. Not this shit again.....lol Are you sure its turtles you like?
  12. And this is the reason that I try to be a supporting member when it looks like I have a future at a place.

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