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  1. Went back out to the track last Sunday (31Jan21). First pass off the trailer was 11.92 @ 115 with a 1.72 60’. That was my best pass for the day because the tires were trash. They are old and worn out. Had new tires on order anyway. Going to a 28” tire from a 26”. The new tires came in yesterday (02Feb21). Went and got those mounted and am going to try again tonight. The weather should be good. Hoping to do a little better.
  2. Awesome work, I know it was a bunch of work and you were learning to weld, but you made the brackets look easy.
  3. Take some good pictures, please. I’ve been really thinking about a s197 dash swap but this is looking too cool. Don’t know that I’ll ever get to the point of making it happen, but it sure is awesome. by the way, I just found your video on the dash install. Googling s197 dash in a sn95, your video was the first thing that popped up.
  4. Thanks man, I’m hoping it turns out alright. I’ve got some more done to the rear end. Started making the front mounts and getting those welded in.
  5. I have so many questions about that! How do the dash mounts line up compared to the sn, and how does the center console fit compared? How are the a/c ducts lining up? What are you doing about air bags?
  6. More daily driving after that, and then it was dyno day! Local dyno was doing a 3 pull special. My fueling was doing some corrections during the pull because I had made some changes to the map and hadn’t retuned yet. But the results were nice. Now that pretty well brings us up to speed.
  7. After that, I was driving home from work one day and wouldn’t you know it, the oil pressure gauge went to 0. Yay! Pulled over and listened to it, everything was still smooth and didn’t make any noise so I drove it home. Figured it was a sending unit failure so I ordered a new one. Then found out that on high rpm, solid mounted, or full race engines, autometer recommends remote mounting the oil pressure sender due to vibrations. So I made up a drained line and remote mounted the new sender and magically we had oil pressure again.
  8. Ran a hone through the cylinder quickly and inspected. Everything look just fine, so I grabbed a new piston and ring set from the local dealer and reassembled. Got it all put together with a new head gasket and did the head cooling mod on it to hopefully never have this issue again. Then drove it to work the next day, everything seemed good to go.
  9. So I began to tear it down and inspect/assess damage. Found the ring land broken between the top and second ring on the #8 piston.
  10. Then disaster struck. Cylinder 8 had no compression.
  11. Then painted the coil covers and Intake tube.
  12. After this, I drove the car pretty much daily. The idle valve wasn’t really keeping up with airflow demand. So I made an adapter block to fit a LS stepper valve. So far this has proven to work really well and makes the idle really consistent.
  13. I wanted a 28” tire for the street also, and needed new rear tires, so I replaced the bald falkens with a set of 285 Goodyear super car tires. I also put poly spring isolators in the rear to raise it up a little bit.

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