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  1. Haha it's all sorted out, I just have to find the time to do all the wiring at this point. Hi! ?? It's been scientifically proven: Screaming yellow is the fastest production color ????☀️??? i did get the stuff - forgot to tell you lol. Thanks again!
  2. Hell of an inviting community haha I'm trying to finish it up in the next few weeks. It's been a REALLY slow project lol Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!
  3. Whaddup, Ladies?! White95's mass PM brought me here from sn95forums... I've been on there since 2006 So, it's sad to see it in the state that it is. Anywho, I have a 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Mustang some of you may follow me on IG: "iLoveScreamers" The ole banana has a 2.3 TVS and a laundry list of other mods. The only thing longer than the mod list is the future mod list lol. -Jeremy PS: if the new admin/mod team needs help with graphics and such: let me know. I know my way around photoshop decently well.
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