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  1. It's interesting for sure. I would also like to see what else they can come up with.
  2. eyyyy! Another European Terminator Your car looks great as well! That's a super cool event.
  3. Hell yeah! Haha I wish I had the time, but no. That's why I put up how I did it, so others can follow along.
  4. Are you you referring to the fender blinker or rear fog? All the rear fog wiring is inside the car and that is where I use butt connectors. All of the wiring behind the fender for the turn signal mod are soldered and heat shrunken. Thanks! I've heard that a lot, actually lol.
  5. haha nice. It really just takes patience. You would rather not take off enough material as opposed to taking off too much lol. I wish I could give back to the community and sell some of my creations, but I just don't have time, unfortunately.
  6. Hey there gents, Here are some random youtube vids, starting with the newest first, that I have filmed since being over in the UK. Let me know what you think of them!
  7. Title sums it up pretty well, I'm using another OEM part from some other car on my Cobra. Yay! 2013 Mustang GT's showed up on dealer floors a few years ago and yours truly noticed that they came with LED fog lights... cue the gears turning. Now, Ford wants something in the neighborhood of $500 for EACH fog light Obviously that price isn't very easy to swallow. Thankfully a company called Starkey Products has take off lights. They also only want $230 for a new set, not bad. [ LINKY ] I think we can get them for cheaper... hmm, seems they have a clearance section! Boom, same lights for $120 because they are 'blemished'. SOLD! [ LINKY ] The blemish won't matter because I'm just after the LED and optic. Also, I wanted that nice weather proof plug for the back so I picked up this adapter harness. [ LINKY ] So $120 for lights and $50 for the harness. We are obviously more than plug and play LED's at this point but half the price of an HID projector retrofit. Pros Instant on/ No warm up Pure 5000k white output Sharp Cutoff Cons Price Lots of DIY Modification Price lol Now, on to the photos! This next photo is without the optic on the front, it shows how important the optic really is. Those sumbishes 'permasealed' the optic into the housing... this will be fun to get out. Finally, here is the actual LED emitter, that little guy is putting out all of this light. Looking at it directly is like gazing at the sun lol Baked the '13 fogs open to get the optic out(thanks for sealing them in Ford). Before I baked them, took the cobra fogs off. Size comparison. What's for dinner? Fog lights, Fog lights are for dinner. Dat cutoff doe! Optic only output shot, these things are going to be sick! Optic, Led/Board, heatsink and adapter harness ready to go for the Cobra lights. Comparing the back of the '13's light and my Cobra light. I'm going to have to get creative with a dremel.... Got the holes cut out for the lens to poke through into the reflector. In order to mount the lens I used a piece of PVC pipe cut to the shape of the back of the reflector bowl. That gave me a flat surface to mount the optic to. I will seal around it with black RTV to keep light from leaking out around it. Almost there! Got the hardware, not my favorite stuff, so I will improve this down the road. All I need to do is seal up everything and they are done. The car is at the exhaust shop currently, but I will have finished pics mounted in the bumper soon! Finally done! They came out great! I'm super happy with the final result, the optic seems to have a clean and sharp output. The optic also is built to bounce light into the reflector bowl so that from a distance it looks stock! They are almost perfect. I will post output shots when it gets dark out, I was too excited not to share with you guys! Photo from above the cutoff Photo from below the cutoff, bright! Looking good with the switchbacks in the headlights From a distance, looks stock to me! Here are some night time output shots. Dat cutoff More cutoff sexiness You can see some color fringing, from an LED FOGLIGHT! crazy. This gives you an idea of how bright they are. Foglights only. Hope you guys find this helpful
  8. Come one! Come all! Welcome to my photoshop thread. Drop me a reply or PM if you want something done up. I'll post up some of my work below. Sidebar: Is RIP 56k still a thing? lol 2006-20082009+Random order from circa 2011
  9. Hey guys,For those who don't know there are many different lighting requirements here in the UK. "Repeaters on the wings" aka Blinkers on the fenders are one of those requirements. This is my attempt to keep the car looking fairly OEM while meeting the lighting requirements. I think it's better than drilling a hole in the fender or having some cheesy stick on light.Just putting this info out there so people know there is another option for light conversions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23n4SL62evcThere is a hole behind all emblems on SN95's and its about 1/2 inch in diameter. I mounted the LED behind that hole and had it shine through to a plexiglass cobra emblem cutout mounted under the actual emblem.The LED is a "Luxdrive Endor Star" and puts out around 200 lumens at 700mA. The LED driver is also Luxdrive.The bracket is just some scrap sheet metal I got a hold of and bent with some pliers. This part of the design could be done much better if it was made of aluminum. Aluminum is a better heat sink than sheet metal and the LED needs something because it gets hot, really hot. If I had to guess I would say 150-180 degrees F after it's been on constantly for about 2-3 minutes. I decided that the sheet metal would work because in operation on the vehicle it will never be constantly on, only flashing. Usually it wont even flash for very long either. In regards to rear fogs:Ford decided not to utilize the inner most lamps to perform brake light functions and only tail light functions on SN95's 1994-2004. A common mod I would do in the states is to add a wire to this lamp so that the 'high' filament would be utilized along with the other two elements in the tail light. More light to show other drivers you are braking is never a bad thing lol.Now that I'm here in the UK and require a rear fog, I already know how to go about it. The socket the bulb is installed in is ready to accept an extra pin. You can source the pin from a spare harness. In the case of the Cobra I was installing some super bright LED reverse lights and due to space constraints of the bulb I had to hard wire it into the harness. This earned me 4 extra pins total(I have an extra 2 if someone needs them). Cut a slit in the blue rubber and insert the pin into the socket. I ran a yellow wire along the harness and through the rubber grommet leading into the trunk. Add a little plug so you can get the harness out in the future and viola!I picked up the switch from an online retailer, its called an Anti-Vandal switch. I also used the laser etcher at work to engrave the fog light icon. I think it came out good!PICS!Here you can see the 3rd wire added in.Yellow is the rear fog wire and the green is for my 99/01 turn signals.Switch in the off positionSwitch in the on position with LED indicationFinished product from behind the car Boom! UK legal!
  10. Haha it's all sorted out, I just have to find the time to do all the wiring at this point. Hi! ?? It's been scientifically proven: Screaming yellow is the fastest production color ????☀️??? i did get the stuff - forgot to tell you lol. Thanks again!
  11. Hell of an inviting community haha I'm trying to finish it up in the next few weeks. It's been a REALLY slow project lol Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!

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