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  1. Most may remember me from back in the day and my black car but I also had a red ttsaleen (2002 model) for a while. Sold both a couple of years ago. Black one made 1200rwhp and Red one made 700rwhp. 5.4, GT supercar heads/cams, twin 67's, sullivan intake, 120# lucas injectors - on C16 made 1200+ rwhp thru 4R70W 4.6, ported 2 valve PI heads, twin 58's, P51 intake, 80# injectors - all on 93 octane made 690+ rwhp thru T56
  2. LOL!! Here's a pic of the Cobra from a recent outing for E85 at the Sheetz gas station. VMP TVS with GT500 inlet/tb, 80# injectors, ARH longtubes and 3" xpipe, 3:73 gears, FTBR IRS, McLeod RST clutch, 26 spline upgrade. And here's one of me and the Cobro at the track a few weeks ago. Finally here's one of the Mach 1. 2004 Terminator engine and T56 swap. 2.6 Kennebell, Spec Stage 2 clutch. Offroad MAC prochamber. 3:73 gears.
  3. Hi. New member from the other SN95 site. I like mustangs and stuff.................... Ryan
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