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  1. Any progress/updates? Would love to know if you've made any plans or if you're still waiting to hear something.
  2. That’s a lot of work. So cool to see that it’s becoming less and less like a project and more and more like a dependable car that you can truly enjoy.
  3. NICE!! Congratulations on the ride. Awesome accomplishment hitting that milestone.
  4. So much goodness within. It’s like a steaming hot blueberry muffin. With lots of butter. And sugar.😋
  5. Mother of God. Coyote time? I figured this whole B-motor swap was all about making sure you had a working mod motor car to facilitate an “easier” (fewer potential pushrod-to-mod motor conversion fail points) ‘Yote swap. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time.
  6. This is good stuff. So glad to see that it was just the alternator, and that you straightened out the wiring for the idle. What was wrong with it? On another note, I can see the vids but only some of the pics. Maybe it's me?
  7. So much win. Nice to see all of these nice parts coming together in what is going to be a great car. On a darker note, installing an aluminum driveshaft is going to be, shall we say, time consuming...😜
  8. I know you're being nickeled and dimed by this project, and maybe you already have a solution standing by, but after seeing this photo of the bottom of your reservoir I couldn't help but think that you deserve a nice (and maybe contaminant-free?) power steering fluid reservoir. Looks like it's been a while since this one's been flushed out. Maybe this? Moroso 4.6 power steering reservoir
  9. It’s a really nice idea is all and I’m curious as to how the solution looks when you’re done. Everything looks great so far and I think we’re all excited about the progress you’re making.
  10. A little late now, but when I installed those I used a Harbor Freight engine support bar between the fenders to support the engine from above and took the K-member out completely. I wouldn't do it any other way.

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