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  1. On 1/20/2021 at 2:28 PM, Det_Riot said:

    And one pic for now since I love ya'll!

    coyote swap.jpg

    I can't believe that looks so stock. That's amazing. Love seeing how the dash ends and the doors work together. I watched the videos on 1320chick and they're awesome. You guys rock.


  2. Great work on the coupe. I know you’ve had that MSD distributor in for a while, but if it starts giving you trouble like the old one did, stop by the Ford parts department and grab a new Ford pickup and install it into your old distributor (if you didn’t toss it). They’re one of those few OEM parts that are way better than the aftermarket. If you ditched the stock dizzy, put a new Ford pickup into the MSD unit instead. At my old shop we used to ditch the MSD pickups right out of the box and replace them with Ford units. All of the aftermarket (yes, even MSD with their beautiful billet housings) and rebuilt parts store units come with junk pickups in them, so those are all a crapshoot. Fix it right with the Ford pickup and forget about it for 150,000 miles.

  3. That’s a lot of work. So cool to see that it’s becoming less and less like a project and more and more like a dependable car that you can truly enjoy.

  4. On 9/18/2020 at 5:39 AM, ttocs said:

    Its been a while but not because I have not done anything to it.  The road has been long but now its starting to finally all come together.  Paint and body work is done and its not perfect by any means because I did it all and I am not a pro paint/body guy but that is also why it is perfect.  Motor wise with some help via remote tuning the motor is starting up so damn nicely I can't tell you how much it tickles me to hear it fire up and start loping along nicely.






    and personally my health issues have never been a secret and for anyone that cares recently I have discovered my body just does not seem to process meat or fiber in general all that well and cutting down on the both significantly have had me feeling much better.  

    So glad to hear that you figured out what was causing you problems. Every time I check in on your thread I wonder how that's going for you. My brother and sister both have some trouble with certain foods causing all kinds of havoc, but like you they finally figured out what was causing the problem and they are both feeling much better. That's a huge victory.


    Car looks spectacular, BTW. The level of attention to detail, doing all of the work yourself with all that you've been through is stunning.

  5. Mother of God. Coyote time? I figured this whole B-motor swap was all about making sure you had a working mod motor car to facilitate an “easier” (fewer potential pushrod-to-mod motor conversion fail points) ‘Yote swap. If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time.

  6. This is good stuff. So glad to see that it was just the alternator, and that you straightened out the wiring for the idle. What was wrong with it?


    On another note, I can see the vids but only some of the pics. Maybe it's me?

  7. So much win. Nice to see all of these nice parts coming together in what is going to be a great car.


    On a darker note, installing an aluminum driveshaft is going to be, shall we say, time consuming...😜


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