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  1. This is something i've been wanting to do for a bit, I made this emblem up, i will be getting it printed in Billet, so i can install them on my car
  2. So, i ran the car for a bit, took it for a small spin, the issue seems to have cleared up Thank God. The ticking is still there, i will have to pop the rocker cover at some point and check it over. But for now, it's running great, See vid attached I am not to worried right now, i am not able to put it on the road till spring.
  3. I did not prime the oil, I just started it.. That rocker has been making that sound for years, but this year it's noticeably louder. If so, i will have to wait till i have somewhere to work on it.. I am also not confident diving so deep. But the rough running, that is new this year.
  4. Hey Everyone. My car has sat for over a year, due to time and money. I was able to pick up a battery the other day, and start it. after i watched this vid I noticed it's running weird, and a loud clicking sound coming from the drivers side Rocker cover. It sounds to me like it down a cylinder, what do you guys think? Also forgive me calling the rockers the valve train.. i hadn't slept well the previous night. Thanks in advance Don.
  5. I just had to do another automotive intro, i choose Cleetus Mcfarland, i love his vids.. It turned out pretty cool Enjoy.
  6. Wanna watch me colour?.. It's pretty relaxing, i could use the youtube subs.. trying to get that magic 1000, so i can flip the moni switch
  7. Thanks, it's a Digital Card Game called STOOPID! i published back in 2015. there are a ton of animations on the maps .. with plans for stuff you could click on as well. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/stoopid-the-card-game
  8. Well i am here i might as well throw some stuff in this thread for you all to enjoy, these 3 are maps i built in Unreal Engine for my card game STOOPID! It's being put on hold thou, due to lack of support. We tried 2 diff crowd funding campaigns, and they both failed.
  9. Sure, I'd love to do some work for you. I am looking for anything at this point, that intro i did was to try and get The owner of 1320Videos, Kyle's Attention. .
  10. Hey Yeah i have been very busy trying to find work, it's stupid competitive in my field. My Mustang has been sitting for 2 years, no money to put it on the road I did graduate college last April thou. 3.4 GPA
  11. Been awhile, I am a huge fan of 1230Video, and i thought it would be cool to remake one of their older intros Was fun to do. Enjoy.
  12. Wallpaper i made for myself awhile back, Feel free to DL and use it
  13. Just reposting some lost links.

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