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  1. LoL. I could use one of those (massage therapist). I had a disc replacement done back in June for my neck and it was immediately 100% better. I still have some stiffness at times though from that. The back issues im dealing with now is almost as bad. Muscle relaxers work for the first 2 or 3 days, then its jusy a constant ache that comes and goes.
  2. not really. I was out on disability the majority of the year with a herniated disc in my neck. Got back to work for 3 months and then screwed up my back (a week ago). This year has been pretty crappy. I did finally buy a battery for the thing 2 weeks ago, it still runs. Lol. But its been under a car cover and hasnt moved in over a year. Im debating on ordering a Ms3pro pnp setup for the car bc the tune in it sucks during cold startup. im slowly getting more interested in messing with it. ive got all the stuff needes to plumb in the PS cooler. I ordered all the stuff to replumb the AC system with stock lines, of course nothing fits… back to AN stuff it goes. i still need to get some front tires and some new seats. Possibly come spring time i’ll be back to doing a few small things to the car…. Unless this job interview in Jan. pana out, then its going to be alot of waiting again. Lol
  3. yea. $2000 later she has a clean bill of health. Then 3 days after we got that news, we had to take our 1 1/2 year old Great Pyranese to the vet bc she hurt one of her legs and we couldnt figure out how/what it was. come to find out, she has Lyme’s disease and now needs a $2,000 one time bone marrow transplant or a $500-600 blood transfusion every 6 months. i swear this house/property has something against animals as he have Never had this many problems with pets (we’ve had 1 die every year for 3 years). as far as Mustang stuff goes... I’m still trying to figure our why my Irs is puking fluid..
  4. Picked up a 24” frame mount transmission cooler to use as the power steering system cooler. If has 6AM inlet/outlet fittings already on it. best part, $38! Lol probly wont be doing much else to the car for awhile. We found out one of our dogs has cancer after spending $700 in the diagnosis and medications. Now ive got to come up with $1800 for the surgery fo have the tumor’s removed. 😕😕😕
  5. Yea it was especially bad with the previous generator Irs’ and solid axles where they just put an overflow on them. ive been looking into a cooling system as well. MM’s is $1100, so that is out of the question, but it looks like i can piece one together myself for arouns $350.... i just need to find a place to put it outside of the car.... so it may be a good time to just delete the evap system and stuff it there... or design/build my own diffuser with an integrated pocket for the cooler.
  6. LoL. It might. Hahaha. i’ll probly just end up putting an overflow tank behind the rear tire near the filler tube and run a AN braided hose to it. That’ll let it expand and vent to the tank when hot and then drain back to the pumpkin once it cools down.
  7. The calipers havent hit the wheels in the past 70-80 miles ive driven it. LoL. But i also havent pulled the wheels off to inspect the brackets yet. i need to find out why my irs pumpkin is puking fluid right now.
  8. i told him to just send me a blank check... im still waiting though. Lol put another 40 miles on the car and the brakes are working well. Its odd driving a mustang where the brakes themselves aren’t the limiting factor in braking distance, the tires are the problem now. Haha its very easy to lock up the brakes at 40-50mph with a quick stab of the brake pedal... and im not even talking full pedal, half pedal at most! if it would stop thunderstorming and making the neighborhood roads all muddy, i could get out and do a bit more driving and datalogging to finish up the tune. during the last road trip with it, i started to get alot of noise from the power steering pump as well. When i first left the house it was fine, but once i got into city traffic w/ 95* temps, it got pretty loud. Since i couldnt touch the reservoir by hand bc it was so hot, im under the impression i need a cooler for the system, so that is on the short list of things to buy as well. Other tasks still on the to-do list is the rear diffuser, side skirts, core support cover and the headlight retrofit. I’ve also been getting alot of suggestions from friends to do a set of wide body fenders, quarters and a pedestal style wing for the thing. I got some pictures of the almost finished engine bay as well. I still need to do all the AN hose on the AC system and figure out the coolant overflow tank as well.
  9. haha. I feel your pain, this Corona shit has destroyed my plans for the year. car is titled, tagged and insured and has had an alignment done, but i just have no desire to drive the thing. Now that summer is here and i havent gotten the AC system fixed (f’n corona) its even less likely to get driven. once i get some motivation and mileage on the brackets, i’ll let you all know. I’ve already got 2 small changes that need made.
  10. haha. Go for it... its not getting a ton of use at the moment :)
  11. Holy damn... i haven’t been on here in a Minute. well... the mustang still needs insurance, title transfered and tires put on it. Yea, i’ve had rear tires sitting in my basement for atleast 6 months and have been to lazy/busy to f with it. Tubular bumper was also bought and installed a long time ago. I’ve gone through about 15 gallons of gas just Starting and letting it get up to temp every week or two. I’ve got a full week off in 2 weeks, so the plan is to get this bitch on the road! ohh. I also bought another truck. 😬😬😬. And a big ass laser cutter!
  12. Its been running for a couple of months... but i need $$$$ for tires, tubular front bumper, battery, and tags before i can drive it. Ive been working on eliminate debt and $1000 worth of car parts hasnt been a priority

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