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  1. shame we didn't get a chance to hook up down at MW. maybe next time
  2. i can't believe it's gotten this far finally!! fantastic job Josef! looks amazing with the fenders
  3. its hard to tell from the pictures so i'm going to ask. i tried LED bulbs in my tails and pulled them out because the change from running light to brake light was minimal. i didn't feel safe that the common idiot behind me would recognize the difference and see that i was braking. Do yours have enough of a brightness change?
  4. ingenious idea on the idle valve. never seen it remote mounted before like that. you definitely got a lot of work on done on this thing. looking really good!
  5. looking really good so far. always been a fan of the gray two-tone interior ever since my first 94 had it. really wish, in retrospect, that i switched it over to the black car before selling it. that felt is a great idea! what's the plan for the RSD?
  6. its finally coming together! one of the biggest things i can recommend is not to overlook the small things that annoy you. get them fixed because otherwise it will just bother you enough eventually that you won't want to drive it
  7. very nice. i think they are going to look pretty good on there if the offsets work out
  8. desk is finished. the plan had been to move my current desktop computer but get a new video card and monitor for it. yeah...turned into building a whole new PC. I hadn't really realized how old my current one was until i started looking into it. only had pci-e 2.0 which is definitely not good enough for current standards. so i started looking at the black friday deals and pricing out just the basics of motherboard/cpu/ram/gpu to get me by. She had been talking about getting a personal computer as well so she didn't have to have personal on her work laptop. long story short, she is keeping the existing setup in the office, and i bought/built a new one for myself. didn't take any build pictures of it but here's a few of the finished product: if anyone is interested in the specs: -Lian Li Lancool II case -Gigabyte Z390 Auros Elite Motherboard -Intel i7-9700k -Coolmaster Hyper212 RGB CPU cooler (kinda regretting not getting a water cooled radiator now) -Corsair Vengeance 32gb RAM -500gb M2 ssd (operating system) + RGB heatsink -1tb M2 ssd (onboard storage for applications and such) + RGB heatsink -3 x 2tb Seagate HDD for RAID5 hotswappable storage (this setup replaced my one NAS that was starting to give me issues) -Gigabyte Radeon RX580 GPU (skimped a bit on the GPU for now to make sure to economize the rest of the build) -IPSG 750w Gold modular power supply -2 extra case fans for the front -Westinghouse 34" UWQHD monitor -Logitech Z906 THX 5.1 speaker system (these things are INCREDIBLE, music is better on this than my onkyo setup in the basement) ended up upgrading the old desktop anyway with a expansion card to put in a M2 drive, a cheapy graphics card and a 27" monitor anyway. but hey its now good enough for what she needs. now, back to the desk pictures. this is just stained: and now with poly. only one coat on cabinets, but 6 coats on the desk surface. still has some orange peel and i wanted to get it installed and not wait the 2 weeks for it to cure. so brought it up for now and will try and buff it later. also note the floor outlets. that was fun cutting holes in my hardwood floor. was very nervous about messing it up and even doing it in general but it made the most sense. the one is a power outlet, the other is a network and hdmi outlet which connects to the tv on the other side of the room. and the basic setup problem arose when i brought my desk chair in....having a desk at countertop height doesn't work with a standard desk chair.... did this stool for a while before that got old. using my current chair now and it's okay...but not ideal. still not sure what i'm going to do yet. close up of the grain and stain the dogs like it wire management tray installed and wire holes cut in the desk the center thing is a dual power outlet with 2 usbs as well. the monitor on at the window is currently plugged into it because the cord wasn't long enough to reach. have a new one i have to install. the sub on the floor in this pic is for the TV soundbar. and also got a new UPS as well.
  9. they turned out really good Trinity
  10. this is an incredible amount of work on this car! good to see somebody doing something with an SN these days.
  11. does that mean there IS build and completed pictures??
  12. Troy putting in work! mudded up first coat primed and painted. and floor going in. trim all painted up and ready for cutting/isntalling the fun part. measure, draw, cut, test, repeat.... the flooring is done and the trim edge is glued...not well enough it seems as half of it is pulling away. still have to redo this another angle and finished as of today since we weren't doing the halloween party this year, i spent a sunday making 2 coffins. turned out really good and was a lot of fun. was only like $60 worth of fence pickets and some brad nails. as i said, i built two and then cut the one in half at a 30degree angle to make it seem they are coming out of the ground. we got a poseable skeleton and i put an old shovel out with it as if it was digging up the top of the cut one. i had moved them around a bit and put a skeleton in the full coffin with my scythe across it. also got black burlap to cover the propped up one's base to hide the cords and such. the plan was to put a smoke machine in there as well but it's not external friendly so didn't do it. might do it next year. onto the good news. I think i had said it somewhere on here that i was NOT happy with my job because instead of getting a promotion to the manager of the team back in January, they gave it to an outsider instead. he was a total joke of a manager. didn't care about his people, didn't care to learn the job, never put the time in, etc. to give an idea, we had one of our yearly surveys in which we rate "leadership trust". which basically translates to how good is your manager. he got a 9, not out of 10, but out of 100!! a 9/100! i've never heard of anyone getting so bad of a rating. fast forward to the end to august. and he tells me he got an offer from another company he couldn't refuse and was leaving. I was named interim manager until a decision was made. after 2 months of that, i'm now officially the manager! official start date is Nov 16th but i'm already doing everything since september so it's just a formality. so yeah very good news and finally where i want to be in my career after years of working towards it. so now i'm moving my work space from in the office to the library so she can take the office. she's been working from the basement or the kitchen table this whole time and it's becoming a bit of an issue. not to mention my current desk is just not cutting it anymore for day-in-day-out 10+ hour days. i couldn't find what i wanted. between covid and just not finding what i want, i'm now building my own. she found a write up of a dudeman who used a solid door as the top and i just took the idea from there. got a solid core door from home depot, some trim for the edge and two unfinished 18" kitchen cabinets with side panels. glued and brad nailed the trim to the sides for a nice smooth edge. cut in dowel pins for alignment of the cabinets onto the top. the side corners will have an L-bracket to hold the surface down but otherwise this top is heavy enough to just rest on top without moving with the pins in. i made a T for a center brace to tie the two cabinets together and support the top but really i don't think it's necessary. i only have to install the brackets and the brace, glue down the side panels and it's built. then a light sand and stain and poly. going to wait until next year, but the big project will be to redo the library then to what i ultimately want it. i'm talking built in bookcases, glass paneled french door entrance, new front door, redo finish the wood floor, put in half wall stained panels and the top half a red velvet style wall paper, big brown leather chairs, new old worldy TV stand....i'm excited!

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