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  1. i have to go out to colorado the week before so the woman is going to come out for the long holiday weekend.
  2. i'm coming out friday morning as well. but probably not leaving terribly early. probably be there more lunchtime ish.
  3. my company doesn't care anymore about disk storage ratings, only the ram size. We installed 13 pedabytes of ram last year and are on target to double that this year. remember, this is memory we're talking about here
  4. oh i hear that all too well! my 18 gt pp2 went into production wednesday after only 2.5 months...still another month to go. did you get the new B&O stereo? what color combo?
  5. you got some high hopes there steve. but i do really really hope you will make it out this year Dan!
  6. both? assuming i get the 18 in time, the wife would bring it out.
  7. darn, i was hoping for the black/dark theme back. fingers crossed for the next one. either way though, thanks to the staff for making this one happen.
  8. i just assumed it closed already and didn't feel like looking.
  9. obviously i'll be there. but i didn't register so not sure if the car will be going or not. @95riosnake any update?

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