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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I’m new here  so a bit of history. Not new to mustangs or fords period. Only one actually belonged to me but this one has been a project for me. Bought it for $250 not running but the guy didn’t know what he’d done to it. He just knew it was running bad or barely running. I had a 3v engine offer but passed on it because I thought this engine would be fine. I let her sit for a while (probably a year or a year and a half) because I was always super busy working. It was supposed to be me and another guy putting it together but that didn’t work out. 

    Finally changed jobs, changed relationships, and finally it  was time. I’ve been doing stuff little by little the last few years. I started working on it, thought I was just gonna do a PI swap because from his story and the symptoms I was thinking just a blown head gasket (which was true) but instead found a bent and shattered rod. The interior was pretty beat too. Bought some 95 cobra seats to remedy part of that. Now things are coming together and I’m coming to the point where hopefully it’ll be done soon. On an engine or rather block hunt. I have a build thread on a few other forums but I’ll bring it here tooin a hopefully more condensed format. Anyways to you all I don’t know, nice to meet ya, to those I do know Heya! Looking forward to learning more and talking to some awesome people who have this passion er... obsession with these beauties. 

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