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  1. Hey there! Welcome! I've talked to you a few times over on SVTP. You're one of the original SN95 people over there, haha. Glad to see you've made it over here though. It's a nice place.
  2. Welcome. The car is gorgeous. Ya don't see many Rio 97s.
  3. Man I wish I were going. Been wanting to go for about a decade now, lol. Would be cool to come meet some of you guys. Maybe next year.
  4. Sweet! I love the Mystics. Welcome. I heard they recently eased up on the process of attaining Mystic paint as well.
  5. Welcome. And this is a good place. I too had been kind of hanging back from the forums for a while until I found this one, though I did lurk for a while before really posting. I recognize the name as well, though I was thinking you had a very built MG new edge. The first Mustang I ever drove and got me hooked onto them was a MG GT.
  6. Welcome! Mach sounds awesome. Throw up some pics.
  7. Nice! I like the wheels and the yellow paint a lot. Keeping it yellow but just freshening it up?
  8. Welcome and nice to have you here. Your car sounds pretty awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  9. Sweet rides for sure. I really like that smooth cervini's cowl. Thinking about it for my own car. Nice truck too. That's the last generation of f150's that I really like enough to buy. Would love to have a 92-96 Bronco. Welcome!
  10. Welcome. Great looking MG you have there. The Mustang I rode in years ago that made me say, "I need one of these" was a MG new edge, so I have a soft spot for them.
  11. Wow nice ride! Welcome! Sounds like a fun car. How did you get the Terminator IRS? Did you find the donor in Finland or have it shipped? Even the car itself, I don't see the normal export markers and all that. Did you have it shipped from the States?
  12. Welcome and nice car you have. I've seen you over on SVTP for years. You'll really like it here though.

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