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  1. leaving work now to head home and get Jackie we will have that wall looking great in no time
  2. WELL I hope fixing that mess makes the window function correctly
  3. have you tried double sided tape for the rear bumper cover? to gas tank cover , it will pull it up nice .
  5. sounds like fun keep all the cool pics coming
  6. yeah I will follow along my front end is almost in I just need to drill the holes , I am going with an f150 coyote in mine with a 3650
  7. if you only had some nice front control arms to put on ???
  8. looking great ,,,, want to come help sand some drywall we got it all mudded yesterday
  9. cant wait to see the arm on there and what power it makes
  10. looks great we need to talk about drop ceiling I need to do some and found some cool panels
  11. i have never seen those come loose
  12. she did great glad you found your problem
  13. glad to see you have it out and hitting the track again with it .
  14. well then I would have to put my beer down ...once
  15. that will be great if that problem is gone I know when I drove it that was a pain . and just a thought on the hydroboost, what power steering pump will you run with that ? as coyotes don't have one pbh?
  16. very cool if I find a yellow in the same shape, I plan to pick one up as I don't have a new edge yet
  17. that car looked so cool in my rear view mirror ...
  18. all in all this years show was awesome cant wait to see the new wing on
  19. that side it looking great , just needs a lift
  20. glad you were able to get the dents fixed

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