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  1. i might be in for a set too , what rotors are used ? I have 18s so I don't think fitment is a problem there
  2. I think north myrtle and it will be tom , butch, rich , and a few others in our house ,
  3. I will be and with my car too ..... the 12
  4. I had the same thing happen to me at some mountain bike races and yes it happens at Carlisle too, I entered super modified for years till they took the class away and put me back in 94-95 modified
  5. I am leaving Friday morning also plan to be there early
  6. I will do what I can it might make it you never know
  7. i have been working on the 90 a bunch would like to get some fun for all the effort put in it the last year ,
  8. you know I will be there as for which car ..... not sure yet
  9. looks like we are taking my buddies 93 gt look for a green 93 with boyds wheels
  10. who is all going? I will be there , not sure which car I am taking yet
  11. yeah wish you could have made it josh I still need to send you back the shockwave I have that needs fixing
  12. oh yeah I remember the black car very nice I think I talked to you at mustang week a couple years ago when you had it there
  13. i hope you can go next year the house will be very nice and I am planning on taking a car
  14. i cant wait till next year I think it will be fine I have a good time just hanging with friends at the house and hope they locals see how much better this year was
  15. i want to say this year was much better besides some silver sn95 getting all sideways it was pretty good and I didn't hear of any wrecks I am fine with the date change the house we are looking at is cheaper then I think ????
  16. it was HOT but at least I drove a mustang there , this time

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