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  1. Remember when we were gonna see the unveiling 2015?! Rich have you ever finished this car?! 😎
  2. Welp tried to post pictures but the linking isn't working. Oh well edit: i quit
  3. Well I guess update. The Saturn is gonezo and we ended up getting a 2014 Veedub. She loves it! It's the perfect car and has been so nice to drive. The Jeep however is just that, The Jeep. I just put new tires on it last Tuesday and ordered a few misc. items that needed to be fixed. IE power steering reservoir leaks badly, rear sway bar links are shot and the steering box is slushy. So all those things will be getting some love as soon as it warms up. The truck, well the truck has been an expensive project to say the least. I've gone through about 5-6 tires within the last couple months, one fuel transfer pump, one fuel line, main air feed line, about 17 fuel filters and water separators from the cold weather, two front wheel seals, one drop axle seal and I can't believe I listed most of that.
  4. I was perusing and saw an MM thread. I forgot the shop that aligned it took the front sway bar off because it was rubbing the oil pan. Should probably order that soon. My life has been consumed with business bullshit and spending 99% of profits on maintenance. Poor car and my Jeep have been neglected.
  5. My Dad drove it onto the other side of the garage and sent me this:
  6. I have an Aluminum FRPP flywheel in mine with a Centerforce DF clutch and I like it a lot. No issues thus far.
  7. Ran some night work this week. Brutal AF
  8. Good to hear, feels like you have a good handle on it. Lots of luck!
  9. Unless you're making that @95opal money be prepared to be reinvesting that money into the business for the next 5-10 years 😉 Excited to be seeing updates finally on this car!
  10. This is my thought process too. Zero chance I get up early enough on my day off 😉 @Bullitt wish I could get to see it! Enjoy that show, always wanted to get to that one.
  11. I haven't even cleaned the car yet! Hopefully tomorrow I can get to my parents to clean and put on wheel spacers. Headed over Friday morning.
  12. I had a response to most of the above and then the site updated and I lost it. Sooooo, HI!
  13. I love me some white machs! I like them naked without stripes 😎
  14. It should be at Carlisle this year! As long as work doesn't get in the way.
  15. I think I do too!! On it this weekend! Oh God yes it does. They were rough

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