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  1. This is my thought process too. Zero chance I get up early enough on my day off 😉 @Bullitt wish I could get to see it! Enjoy that show, always wanted to get to that one.
  2. I haven't even cleaned the car yet! Hopefully tomorrow I can get to my parents to clean and put on wheel spacers. Headed over Friday morning.
  3. With Jasper?! One could only dream!! Any of your cars would be a treat, Troy. BUT I still vote '95
  4. Awesome!! I do remember that being a problem in past years. Maybe the car will make it too 😎 ... And the puppy! The '95 I would think! Seems like that needs to make a return to fresh air. Yaazzzzz!! That would be pretty sweet. I'll be assuming Jasper will be there.
  5. Yay!! Taking which car now ?! @95opal @Yeahloh95 @WildWillyWalker @Bullitt ??!?!?!?!
  6. I know there are a few PA locals here but I did my registration this morning. Just sucks that it's so expensive anymore, $75 for trailer parking and a 3 day spot (with the discount).
  7. Carlisle Ford Nationals June 1 - 3, 2018 Adult Admission: Daily Fri.- Sat. $15 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $30 Thursday - Set Up/Load In Day - $15 Kids 12 and Under FREE Event Hours Thu.-Sat. 7am-7pm , Sun. 7am-3pm Registration: 2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield Price: $55.00 Gate-N-Go Discount: $49.50 Discount is applied at checkout. Register for the 2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield. To qualify for the 10% Gate-N-Go pre-registration discount and have your entry window sticker mailed to you, please pre-register prior to Ap
  8. He's not doing his jerb! Really, I just needed to fix this: *** Fixed!
  9. Seems like it. It was too late last night to start it up, so I couldn't test the theory. I'm gonna go out and see what's up now.
  10. I hear ya! I was just out there trying to figure out whats up with the ignition box. It wouldn't work the entire time I was out there. Then I shoved a multi meter terminal in the connector to test the wire, boom spark and fuel like normal. I don't get it.
  11. If some of you guys need a place to store your tow vehicle and trailer for the week, hit up Britney at Strand Storage Center. She was super nice and only charged $75.00 for the week but they're able to break it down to just a truck or just a trailer based on your needs. It ended up being $50.00 for the trailer and $25.00 for my Jeep. They have 24 hour access, which is nice if you need to get you shit out of there for any reason. It's key code access only so I'm assuming it's all gated off. Here's the website: https://www.strandstoragemyrtlebeach.com/self-storage-myrtle-beach-

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