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  1. I just hate shows in general. This one is just a massive shit show vs the normal shit show car show.
  2. Well, you guys know where to find me, same place different job. I've done that show one too many times. It's a car club fuck fest of rigged voting so I don't bother with it as far as bringing out my car, occasionally I poke my head in the show to see something cool but that hasn't happened since the Ford GT was there a couple of years ago lol.
  3. Only way you're going to see me is at Pony Trails on Friday at CJ's other than that I have no plans or interest in showing off my car. For those of you not showing up on Friday morning here is a picture
  4. What you guys are seeing is the default theme. I am currently working on a new overall theme for the site that will replace the two themes we had before. With site updates happening the way they have been it's easier to build something right off the default theme then some of the more extensive ones we have had in the past that I have paid for. It also makes it less frustrating as when there are software updates we have to hope that all the themes got updates that work with the new stuff. In the case of our most current update both themes were not and would've caused site issues. It's on
  5. I did darken up parts of the default theme yesterday.
  6. I am working with the others on something not as bright as you are currently seeing, but until I get the majority go ahead i'll keep tweaking it. I will however try to tone the current user background down for you guys though.
  7. just a fun way to react to post and earn rep points. the +34 means you have that many like posts. If you go to the leaderboard it's a way to track and look to see who had bragging rights for that day.
  8. Well I figured out where you did that lol
  9. just find an old post from someone that's banned or something lol
  10. @Det_Riot fixed it just for you buddy
  11. We could do that. I didn't know if people want a "Facebook" themed like dislike. I could do a broken heart if that is better.
  12. We can change but the like is a blue heart with the dislike being a red but we can change and add as well.
  13. You'll notice with the update the software company has added a new feature called reactions. Before we use to just arrow up (Like) or arrow down (Dislike) a post. Now you can react to a post. Here is how it works. Before if you upped a post it was +1 to the persons reputation. If you downed a post it was -1 to their reputation now it works like this. You can find this by highlighting over the gray heart. Once you do this you can either click that heart to like the post or click one of the other icons. As always any questions please ask.
  14. Evil was never the problem. Tapatalk was. The way they require the software to work currently ins't friendly with how our hosting package works, so they either A figured out a way to make it work, or B TT has finally made the corrections that allow us to load 3rd party apps that work in our hosting package. See typically what happens with TT is you have to upload a folder to your server and from there load a file from the back end of the the software via the admin panel and boom you're done. Buuuut with our hosting package we don't have access to the server files as the comp

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