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  1. Finally got her washed after like 2 months!
  2. My housemate is paying for it and hopefully he will get his friend to pay him...Just unlucky I guess....It's getting fixed today actually so I'll have it back tomorrow.
  3. Superbowl party someone decided to see how high a corona bottle could be thrown I guess........
  4. oh shit! yah she was a "fan" on the bachelor pad this last season...
  5. I'd definitely rather have a sti over a 95-01 cobra for sure, not a 03 04 cobra though. MAYBE a m3 over a sti, but I'd have to think about that one.
  6. The motor is still all messed up, not sure how its been running for so long to begin with... Lol no go fast mods right now...probablly going to basically stop driving it next year besides weekends and pick up a wrx. Then I'll save up for the stang to do a full motor swap and supercharger.
  7. Been bored with the car so I haven't been on or posting lately.....
  8. Don't know why your sorry, none of them belong to us...
  9. I haven't posted or been on in a while, took these today....nothing new.
  10. I know there are some people with love for subarus here.....went to a so cal subaru event and took these pictures.... There will probably be a lot of pictures posted from the event, but I still felt like posting mine....I have a bunch more but these are just some of them. Went with a buddy to it, I still don't have one yet Comments & Everything are Welcome!! :thumbup2: Thanks for Looking!!
  11. that first silver/grey one is so sexyy!!!

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