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Community Answers

  1. Fucking photobucket. Now iCloud crashes every time I try to paste. Here it is 2.5 years later!
  2. Pool has been done since April 1, 2019 lol. I have to curate and host the pictures. As far as anything else getting done in the garage or house, not so much.
  3. Almost 2 years later and I never posted build pictures or completed pictures lol. Man I suck!
  4. Guess I stopped getting notifications through email that someone cares enough to post... so I am 4 months late to reply. No, I'm not working on anything with a motor anytime soon.
  5. Suck on that! @ThomasW likes me more and responded!
  6. Not that I have any spare money, but I was reminded of your build when I bought S197 Brembos for my car without a way to mount them. Also, I still want to talk about that trunk lid! How's the car coming along??
  7. Goddammit. Like I didn't want an F150 bad enough already! Lookin good!
  8. What I have in mind is just the trunk lid, not the extensions.
  9. Might be some time before I can get to the junk yard, but want me to look around here? I can get body panels for CHEAP. I bought a quarter panel off a car for like $40.
  10. As expensive as you said it would be, I am still considering the full trunk...
  11. I've got a few things I need to sell lol.
  12. My powder coater does everything, to include black chrome... and does it well. Dude is a magician.

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