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  1. @95riosnake @The Mk2 just work on some designs for the back and I get them to me and I will work on the rest.
  2. Jordan still has templates I believe but if you want to give it a shot you're more than welcome. I will do what I can to help but honestly I have too much on my plate now and I'll be going home from July 1-11 so if @WildWillyWalker is still going to the show maybe he can coordinate with Jordan on picking up shirts or whatever you guys have in mind. Jordan is busy this time of the year so I need to let him know something soon as he goes on vacation very soon too.
  3. Will be a better forum once @GearGambler and I work our magic behind the scenes
  4. See what happens when you let someone from Ohio out to play.
  5. far far away from anything resembling Mustang Week and enjoying every minute of it.
  6. I knew that damn car looked familiar. What's up Leo. Sorry about the ballgame man wasn't very talkative that night.
  7. So do we, so do we. WE love pictures around here.
  8. Boom and there we go!! I told you you'd find someone Nick. man if there i a light in your car they make an LED for it.
  9. @ I know you're not a cobra but how far are you from this?
  10. Even though my personal account welcomed you let me officially welcome you from the work account. Good luck on the search and can't wait to see some new pictures.
  11. 147 showed up to CJ's this morning, did see coughsn95sourcecough though There are two hotels by CJ's but that is a 30 minute drive to the fair grounds.
  12. Ugh you fools forgot one thing. Pony Trails at CJ Pony Parts - Friday June 5, 2015 @ 9 a.m. - 12 noon http://blog.cjponyparts.com/2013/06/another-great-year-for-pony-trails/
  13. If you've been to MW that you know how the rain works, it's the same with Carlisle, all it is, is Mother Nature taking a piss and boom it's right back to being hot and miserable.
  14. I'll grab mine from Jordan before he sends them off with whoever. I still can't believe you have us glowing in the dark lol.
  15. we tried that, it's a lazy mans way of registering as it bypasses all the required information allowing anyone and anything to sign up making more work for the admin. I don't know how registering via the site is a PITA as its the way everyone else did it. We have tapatalk but weren't not fans of it as it takes away from the hard work the admins put into the sites layout and design.

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