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  1. It'll be back no doubt! Loved the seats, the whole 100 miles ive drove in them haha. My waist just fits (36) and if youre a bigger guy, can be awkward to get in and out of the car with the high thigh bolsters.
  2. im not quite ready to devote that much more time to it haha
  3. im not 100% yet. definitely buying it back if its totaled. I may have the body shop fix any sort of frame damage and replace the windshield and i may put the rest of the money into a newer mustang. work on this on the side putting it back to what it once was. its not going anywhere, but i just dont know what i want to do yet.
  4. Guys they don’t go off of scrap yard pricing on this stuff, a door is still $1000 from Ford, that’s how estimates are done. Either way, doesn’t matter how “bad” the damage is, if it exceeds the threshold of what they consider is like 75% of the value, it’s totaled. A 96 gt ain’t worth a whole hell of a lot lol
  5. mmm that UTQG of 100. I have 180's, and i still over powered the tires with my brakes. Those wheels should look good too
  6. right on man! you'll need some good tread to compliment those brakes now!
  7. i dont think ive ever seen a steeda k-member before. that thing looks tough as hell
  8. Hi, my name is Will, and I have a problem. If you've made it this far, you might actually be interested to hear what happened. 4 lane highway, i was traveling in the left lane. A truck and camper pulled into the right lane, and as i was going past him he decided to pull a U-turn in front of me. I was doing about 60 at the time (conservative for me, i know. it was my wedding anniversary weekend and the wife and i were traveling to a cabin up north). I slid 130ft with my brakes locked up into the side of the camper. As of right now I'm still waiting for his insurance to come out and assess the car as it will all be paid by him as he was at fault. The body shop estimate that i got was $6800, and they didnt include the A-pillar damage or the Cobra hood (quoted a base v6/gt hood). So im assuming it would be more in the $7500 range, maybe more. Im also assuming it will be totaled.
  9. feels good going down the road and just normal driving. i just did a quick 4 mile drive before getting back to work and it felt good.
  10. BRINGING THIS BACK FROM THE DEAAADDDDDDD with the new coilovers, kmember, and control ams, i was able to get 2* more caster. so i went again with: 0 - Toe -2 - Camber +6 - Caster
  11. got about 1.5 degrees more caster out of this setup, and everything else came out money. had some leaking from the on3 crossover delete that i needed to fix. I dont know if i got a part that was made on friday afternoon or what. The 1/2 NPT pipe threads were not actual tapered threads so nothing fucking sealed without a ton of teflon tape, and even then you could just feel the atrocious amount of slop in the threads. Lets hope that holds out in the long term. (Maybe you got shitty 1/2npt to 10AN adapters! Nah, i legit have 4 different brands and all of them are looser than a whore after a busy weekend)
  12. man i was honestly heart broken when i sucked those bolts through the frame rails. I was ready to throw in the towel on the car. Talked to plenty of people and got the balls to try and do it at home on my own. definitely not on my list of ever wanting to do, but it wasnt too bad honestly. Just hope it aligns well lol

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