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  1. How much did the whole rebuild on the trans end up costing you?
  2. Dec. 27th 17 Small update, only thing I picked up on black Friday was my UPR steel tubular kmember, and spring perches Later on i ended up getting a set of 4 285/35/18 tires new for dirt cheap. Jan 11th 17 Since I've owned the car, my a pillar moldings on the outside have been kinda crummy. The driver side on has 3 pretty big chips in it, assuming from being broken into before I owned it. And chunk broken down by where the lower bolt goes behind the door and fender. The passenger side has cracks here and there and some touch up paint on it too. The previous owners did a number lol. So I have been on the hunt for the a pillars already black and in good condition for a while and every mustang at the junk yards near me either have the wrong color, or some one had snapped them when taking the cowl off. So I gave up looking for an sn95 one and picked up a pair of new edge ones. A buddy had his off already since he is doing a 98 cobra restoration to. He sent me the part number on it. And the 1st 3 of the part number were different but the rest of the part number 9-10 digits were the same. So I polished them up After giving the a pillars a good polish to see how bad they were, they turn out very nice and had zero scuffs on them I did notice though the top edge of the a pillars were flat as you see the next image And then came time to swap out the old broken pieces
  3. Nov 16-2016 New update!!! Well maybe not that exciting but! I picked up a steeda tri ax shifter off Facebook from Bill Tumas from Cjponyparts. The sale was originally for just the shifter. And he only wanted $50 for the shifter. Picked it up he sent it out super quick and I asked if he happen to have a handle laying around for sale. He found on in his parts box at home and just sent it my way. Super nice guy too, if any of you deal with him. Of course it was used. I took it all apart and cleaned it up and put new grease in the shifter. Shifter feels great! Nice short crisp shifts. But still getting used to the extra noise from the shifter. Picked one of these up too. Really like the look of this shifter against the bullitt cluster But it drew your attention toward the shifter bezel which looks not so nice lol So I finally matched it into the car. I removed the factory black stitches and put i the tan and just cleaned it up
  4. Ok everyone, i know there are other places where people have started discussions on where to get the best kits, and this is better here and there. I am having some questions as to what items i will need to get my kit up and going. I am looking at this kit. https://lmr.com/item/NO-001014010/1996-04-Mustang-Gt-46L-2V-Nitrous-Kit-Wet-Plate-System http://www.nitrousoutlet.com/efi-wet-nitrous-systems/ford-systems/nitrous-outlet-2-valve-mustang-plate-system.html I love the reviews on it, it looks like a lot cleaner install vs the nozzle setup. I know it comes with the harness fuel lines solenoids and basic switches. I am looking to use this kit, with a 100 shot and add a bottle warmer, purge kit, and some sort of window switch. Basically, my goals for the window switch, i dont want it to activate unless it has greater than x% throttle position, as well as not past xxxx rpms. But i would like the option as well if possible to have it shut off at xxxxrpms. Ideally, id like to use this kit from 3500-4000 rpms up through 6000-6100 rpms. before that window and after that window if possible id like the nitrous kit to turn off, in case i bounce the rpms off the redline. On top of the kits on nitrous outlet they as what kind of fuel and nitrous pressure guages would i like. I am new to that. im also assuming i am going to need an a/f ratio guage. I will be upgrading my clutch, and then adding some 17x9 silver fr500 wheels out back with a 17" drag radial of some sort. Any ideas on where i can improve my needs or where i am going wrong here? My plans are shooting for mid 12's hopefully low 12's since i was able to hit a 13.8 @ 99.95 I already have a upr k member about to go on, and i have BBK longtubes, and catted BBK midpipe ready to go on as well I am looking at adding an exedy 400 stage 2 clutch, the wheels and tires, and then get my exhaust too. and using the plate kit with a 100 wet shot. thanks all
  5. How much? I'll have to use the mounting tabs off my other magnaflow tips to make them work
  6. Those tips are what I'm after lol I asked magnaflow for them but they told me they don't sell parts out of their catalog...seemsfucked up lol I'll trade you tips! Lol
  7. Well after all of the stress after the spoiler i just needed to focus on something else. I finally took the car to a track. I still have not installed my long tubes yet but will be soon.I ran the car up there signed up for track use and got in line. I hadnt changed anything on the car and i had at least 1/2 a tank in the car. My first run i was able to squeak off a[Wq0psX735Hg]
  8. Some more updates I had gotten tired of the replica spoiler in the ebay black gel coat form, so i started the painting processAfter smoothing out a bunch of waves and weird grooves, i got the spoiler straight and ready for paintand paint.but i didnt realize it until it was too late.my finger was getting numb and tired while using the spray can and i ended up throwing paint drops onto the wing... ugh well i let it dry for a day or two and tried to feather it out. turned out great and smooth, so i used some rubbing compound to bring it back and ended up using the wrong stuff. it was a rubbing compound with wax in it lol. thats what i get for working until 4 in the morning.I tried to remove the crap i used but it reacted with it all the way down to the primer so i had to start all over. For now the wind is in plasti dip until i get another week to start at it again
  9. Ended up selling my 06 giant trance 2 for 460...so i could pick these up.Pick up all of it for 300
  10. Onto the next mod for the money pit pony.This will only work for 99-04 cars. since mine had 2000 gt transplant with cluster and harness and all the running gear.I had been looking for a new cluster for a while. A long while. I was looking for either the v6 version of the cobra white face gauges, or the mach 1 cluster. The mach 1 cluster looked really nice to me just cause of the retro styled look. I researched high and low to add the cluster into my car. I found out that the cluster from a bullitt and mach 1 would be somewhat of a better and easier to swap over to my car. I was told by ford that i would need the cluster to be swapped over and have the pats system reprogrammed, and have the computer programmed to the cluster so the cluster will display miles and not -------.I found an article that a few people had done and had successfully swapped the bullitt cluster over and to the car.First you will need to obtain a clusterNext you will need to remove the rear plastic over to expose the circuit board. You will need to remove Six screws to expose the board.Next you will need to removed this plastic plug inorder to fully remove the board.Once this plug is removed find some sort of thin tool to slowly and carefully pry up the board. the board is holding onto the 4 pins on each gauge. It should slide up off of each pin very easy.and set the board into a safe place, you will not need this again, but good to store in case something happens and you need a backup.I went a step further and removed the bezel for the cluster to clean the dirt off the face and in the cluster as welland to see if the cluster green or blue on the back side. and it is blue same as my gt clusterNow repeat the process with your cluster and test it out. sites cited:http://www.mikefordmustang.com/write...mustang-gt.php
  11. Well the ABS light came back on a couple of weeks ago. found out the brains inside the module were bad. so i had ordered a used module and just swapped the brains out. reset the system and works perfect.All i did to swap out the brains was to, unbolt the the abs module bracket from the body with the module still in place. next unbolt the module from the bracket. Next was to get a t8 bit and a skinny extension set since the module openings were very small, 6 in total. Once the brains come off. it is just a simple matter of unpluging the brains and then just swapping out the two brains. Here is the small little detail. If you car has traction control the brains must contain the nessasary computer for it. Mine happens to not have traction control, so it would just say abs gtBut all works great and no issues.
  12. Well I got my other obd ii scanner and tried to see what kinda cel came about. But nothing came up.So I check the abs circuits with it and found this.I don't know what to say here. I already have another abs module on the way
  13. 7/21/16 ***** Well peeps, spoke to soon Lastnight I attempted to go out and get some cool night shots but the car had other plans. I started out for an hour looking for a spot but nothing looked good. So I went home while taking off from a light and a smooth pace. I saw my abs light came on. I pulled over to check the rear abs sensors since they don't sit completely flush against he mounting surface of the rear axle. But they wasn't any play. I had the car off and heard a humming sound and figured it was something with the ac so I kept going home to further check it out. I get home. And I pop the hood. It sounds like the ac compressor was still letting off pressure but it sat for 5 minutes and was still the same sound. I went into the car and heard the same hum. So I touched the abs module and it was hot! I don't remember doing any heavy braking at all. I disconnected the battery of course the hum went away. Reconnected battery hum came back. Undid the plug to abs module, hum went away plugged it back in hum came back. Pulled fuse 29 under dash, hum still was there.Dunno what to check else sounds like a bad abs module
  14. Alright everyone I've been slacking on updates!The car is still alive with no issues to speak of. Since the picture above, I've gotten. The interior back in the car cleaned it a few times, had to re adjust the exhaust once or two to flow the way I'd like it too. I've also had to go back and re hook up the windshield linkage since it fell of leaving the car show this past weekend. It cause the whippers to stick up in my way lolI also added the cai throttle body and tuner to the car and also did my led cluster swap to them.

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