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  1. I can't photoshop... but I vote Dark Highland Green.
  2. Quick question.... Does your fender say "Tang Yang" on it? lol
  3. Already started tearing my notch apart, fixing some rust on the strut towers, new engine going in, all kinds of fun stuff lol.
  4. Love those cars. I had a '95, car was a blast even with the LT1. However, it got rear ended by a Grand Cherokee and didn't make it back home.
  5. If the engine bay is going to be white, I vote gloss black or gloss white. You can make it super clean looking.
  6. Car looks badass. I love the color combo!
  7. I built a 331 using a Scat kit last year and have been very happy with it. It made 363rwhp/355rwtq with AFR 195's and a Holley Systemax setup.
  8. Depending on the bar you're using and what you're doing with the car, it could move a good amount, or it could stay fairly put. I would think with two bars it would be stiff as hell and wouldn't move much at all...
  9. Let me know when you're ready, Troy. I'll write a return up for you and we'll get it taken care of.
  10. I know man! I keep getting thrown in different directions lol. I would've loved to have the fox down there, I had a blast with it last year. However, I did just tear the clutch out of it the other night.... I know that our owner talks to the OUSCI people quite a bit, we've got a couple of their cars here right now actually. I'll see what I can do!
  11. Sadly, none of us are going. The company is going several different places this year and MW wasn't one that they could fit into the schedule. I was going to try to come by myself but it's one of those deals where life gets in the way.

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