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  1. Let me know when you're ready, Troy. I'll write a return up for you and we'll get it taken care of.
  2. I know man! I keep getting thrown in different directions lol. I would've loved to have the fox down there, I had a blast with it last year. However, I did just tear the clutch out of it the other night.... I know that our owner talks to the OUSCI people quite a bit, we've got a couple of their cars here right now actually. I'll see what I can do!
  3. Sadly, none of us are going. The company is going several different places this year and MW wasn't one that they could fit into the schedule. I was going to try to come by myself but it's one of those deals where life gets in the way.
  4. When you say "renew", what are you meaning? I just want to make sure that you got our payment. I know it came out of the account so I hope you got it . I don't know if there's anything else I can help with but let me know if you have any ideas. @Bullitt
  5. I don't have any complaints about it being moved, I think it'll work out alright. I can see attendance dropping but I wouldn't be too upset about that either.
  6. Guys, I'm more than happy to talk to my higher ups about contributing more as a supporting vendor. I know that when we had originally signed up the price wasn't much. Get with me, I'd like to see this site continue. There are too many good people on here, not to mention the knowledge, to shut it down. @95riosnake @tony @Bullitt
  7. Guess which company is setting up this year..... #RIDETECH #Youguyscancomehangoutwithme

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