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  1. Long story short, my brother and I purchased a Screaming Yellow 04' 5 Speed Mach 1. It's all stock, 45k miles, except tinted windows. So far we've installed smoked headlights (which btw was a joke compared to my bastard 95 lmao), shorty antenna, and I tinted the third brake light. Plans are new tint eventually (darker and some black vinyl over the dotmatrix like my 95 to cover that), catted X pipe, most likely a Borla stinger catback, short throw shifter, a drop, wheels in the future, cold air intake, and little shit here and there. We're saving for exhaust, its way too quiet! First day we went to go see it. The following shots were driving home and the first time having it home Cleaned it up, and the new lights. Tinted 3rd brake light, I like it a little
  2. Thanks guys! i'll have to make a build thread later tonight and fill it up some haha
  3. Haven't been on here in a minute, still have the 95. Have to finish my cobra brake resto, then install those, new tob, balljoints and bushings, paintwork to be fixed.. My brother and I found this 2004 SY 5 speed Mach. All original except window tint, 45k miles.. Car is flawless top to bottom, bumper to bumper. Here's a bunch of pics. So far we ordered smoked headlights, shorty antenna, third brake light tint, and going to get a nice cover for it, then exhaust. Yes it'll get lowered. Overall I'm in love with the car, it blows away the 94-98s in all aspects.
  4. Update. I received my cobra calipers and brackets Friday. Yesterday I was bored and made the cobra calipers meet our bench grinder. Came out really clean, I'm happy with the the results. I got about 90% of the paint off the calipers, all the grime and dirt. I'll be replacing the seals and o-rings prior to paint. I cleaned up the brackets aswell and started priming them, prepping for color today. If I like the color, calipers will be getting sprayed aswell. I ordered Maximum Motorsports stainless brake lines, drilled and slotted rotors all around, ceramic pads all around and the o-ring and seals kit for the calipers aswell as a new hardware kit.
  5. Thanks!! I'm keeping the wing, wingless got boring after awhile to me lol
  6. Big update lol. Trufiber 3'' cowl hood, cobra front bumper, yellow fogs with yellow bulbs, shorty offroad h pipe, borla stinger s types.. Plans as of March 22nd, 2015. Cobra calipers on the way. Will be getting new front and rear rotors, pads, stainless lines. MaximumMotorsports full length SFC's will get welded on. Rear Window Lip Spoiler will be installed as soon as it's warm enough out. Purchased Bilstein HD rear shocks bnib, $100. Will get the matching fronts eventually. Car's going back to the body shop to have things fixed that I wasn't too happy about... Figure out why my subwoofers aren't working, I believe my amplifier needs to be repaired, not sure yet. Oil change, fuel filter, new plugs, normal tuneup soon. That's all I have planned with the exception of getting led switchbacks for the front turn signals, and the mgw race handle for my shifter. As she sits right now..
  7. thanks guys. Yeah I had no choice but to buy blizzaks. I had the shitty goodyear eagle gt all seasons on the bullitts, last winter was scary with em. 600 something bones on them and no snow yet lol, dunno if I should be happy or pissed haha. Better safe than sorry I guess
  8. Update as of Dec 24th, 2014. Car has been lowered about 1.25", I did the springs with my buddy. I installed an MGW short throw, got a set of 18x9/18x10 Silver saleens. 255/40/18, 295/35/18 Continental extreme contact DW tires. Bought a set of cobra rep headlights and oem style clear sidemarkers, tinted my fogs yellow. What else.. Swapped my horiztontal tails back in, dipped my bullitts blue for winter and got some bridgestone blizzak ws70s for them. Went wingless for a month New color for my saleens, did one to see if i liked it. And finally, with the winter shoes and as she sits right now!
  9. Whats up everybody. Haven't been on here in awhile, slowly but surely making the transition over to this forum from another one. Anyways. Here's a few recent pictures of the car, saleens are summer, blue bullitts on blizzaks for winter.
  10. Now what does the restrictor plate do exactly? Like blocking off the IAC? Similar to capping the EGR bung on a header? Don't want to sound like a moron, not too familar with the restrictor plate thing for the iac.
  11. Got the infamous hanging idle now all of a sudden.. Pulled the iac and used a q tip to clean some dirt out since I didn't have maf or carb cleaner. Put it back on and it ran the same, rpms stay up, go down, stay up.. Before that I unplugged the iac and started it, seemed to idle fine.. So IAC is probably bad right? I just bought it last year, fucking vato zone lol. Other than that, got a new pcv valve to go in.. Than shit will get real!
  12. Will be getting a ford throwout bearing & pilot bearing too
  13. Doesn't seem too hard.. My dad drove stick for a long time, a big delivery truck and a 67 Cougar with the 289 and 3 speed stick.. So he can teach me. I've gotten to the point where this September I'll have the car for two years, and I'm just getting sick of the damn auto. So boring, no fun at all.. I'd rather be banging gears when I want or just cruise around. And all my friends with Mustangs have stick, so its a huge tease lol. Looking at this kit. I'm chaning the cable for a Ford oem one, and MM adjustable clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster. Its a rebuilt T5 with every part needed for the swap, some might say its expensive.. But rebuilt T5's go for 1000-1500.. So piecing it together would come out to more than this kit anyway. http://www.ebay.com/itm/94-95-MUSTANG-T5-TRANSMISSION-AUTO-TO-MANUAL-CONVERSION-MPS-HD-REBUILT-5-0-/141059758906?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20d7d11b3a&vxp=mtr

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