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  1. I will be there, make this event every year.
  2. You might recognize a couple. http://www.hotrod.com/events/coverage/1508-mustang-week-2015-largest-gathering-of-mustangs-in-the-world/
  3. I want a Xl, what is the process for ordering?
  4. Waiting to get into the field at the mall https://youtu.be/jtZ3uEXq9K4
  5. HSS in not going to be a sponsor for 2015, sounds like a lot of folks may stay on the north end. I know it is summer in Myrtle Beach but I think they will miss the Mustang crowd.
  6. Nice Cobra, I like those style Cobra wheels one of my favorites.
  7. ESGT


    Just let them know you want one, you will be the president, seriously!
  8. Check out http://elitestangs.com/ a national Mustang Club with chapters in 25 states and Canada A family oriented Mustang group, memberships is free if you want join or just surf the forums and check it out.

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