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  1. Only 10 days away. Cant wait to hit Myrtle Beach.
  2. I'll be there again this year. Last year was a great time. Its Mustang lover heaven.
  3. Hey man, I am trying to find good pictures of Deep Violet Mustangs as I am looking for ideas for new paintjob. Any suggestions to include possible pics of yours?

  4. Yeah. Summit is only 10 miles from my house. I was planning on taking my convertible to Mustangs Unlimited, but I had alot of stuff to do around the house and MU is about 70 miles from me, so I didnt go. Was there a good turnout?
  5. Sounds good to me. That other site seems to be sinking quickly.
  6. The guy drove the Turbo car to the show and it looked beyond bad ass seeing it waiting at the red light to turn into the mall parking area. It has a Georgia dealer tag on it. lol. And speaking of big back tires....this was also at the mall.
  7. There was a little of everything there. Lots of different wheel ideas and a multitude of tricked out engine bays to give you ideas for changes.
  8. Yeah, I got best SVT which covers all the Cobras and Lightnings in the show. I would have hate to have been a judge, because there were a shit load of beautiful cars in that show.

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