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  1. This is exactly what it's like, lol. Hopefully Bryan will still talk to me this year even though I won't be in an SN95
  2. Dan is right... every time I see this car pass by it's popping and stands out for sure. Tits. Can't wait to drive it
  3. Grrr too much sex is always going on in this thread. So many awesome carbon fiber pieces! I LOVE it! As for the jacking point with a tubular k, I always just put a rag on top of my jack and jack up in the middle of the tube where I did with the stock k-member. It hasn't slipped off and crunched my oil pan... yet
  4. Lol I was thinking the same thing when I unboxed them. Gears are in and WOW. What a difference that made! The car now spins through second gear lol
  5. What kind of paint are you going to be using? Spray cans or "real" paint?
  6. Electrical tape mod ftw. Solved the problem in mine instantly.
  7. I started work on the car this evening. Pretty terminal ends on the 4ga power wire. I also added an inline fuse to the wire as well. The alternator installed. I had to modify the stock bracket a little, but not too much. The overpopulation on the starter solenoid is real. Then I moved to the nitrous. I got all of the lines tucked as much as I could. The solenoids in their final position. I cranked the car up and everything worked as it should. I was finally able to turn on my HID's without the alternator killing the battery, which was nice. And the next project. 3:73 gear should find its way in on Sunday. Then it's time to daily drive the car all week, then take it to the track and try to break it Friday night!
  8. Yeah it's a huge improvement over stock from what I hear, the stocker puts out like 65 amps and this one is 130.
  9. Well I have logged quite a few miles on the car over the last week and I've loved every minute of it! It's been doing great. I started on the next round of mods yesterday. Super secret mounting of the nitrous solenoids. This is just mockup stage, but I'll get better pics once I finish everything. WOT switch mounted up. And I received my 3G alternator and 4ga wire as well. On the agenda for today is installing it and finishing up the nitrous.
  10. Lol, no lie I had the car sold and the buyer was going to come pick it up tomorrow. Then I charged it up and drove it around yesterday and realized I just couldn't get rid of it. I guess I'm married to the car for life lol.
  11. Smoothed engine bays ftl, if you plan on enjoying the car don't bother! I'm finding out that even with my fox that's meh quality at best that I'm worrying about scratching it or messing it up every time I do anything to it.
  12. I spent the last week working on tying up a few loose ends since I couldn't drive it because I was waiting on new fittings. Btw, don't buy Summit brand AN fittings. They pour fluid out of the swivel joints with pressure behind them. I called Summit and they sent me two Earls fittings for free though. Talk about good customer service! I started out by modifying my ashtray a little bit to allow me to mount my toggle switch for overdrive. Then I painted my nasty looking Ford emblem black and stuck my carbon fiber overlay on it. And the good fittings installed. It took me a few hours to get it all situated and completely leak free, but I finally got it. Then I swapped in my Bride seats since I don't plan on driving the SN95 anytime soon. An underside shot. I got it on the lift to check for any leaks. All good so far. I drove it a good amount this weekend. Probably about 75 miles, which is about 1/4 of how far I've driven it the entire time I have had it. It does great, a little on the loud side but it turns heads everywhere. I beat on it a little bit and it definitely needs a gear BAD. That's up on the list along with a few other things. I launched it a few times and it just doesn't have enough gear to get it going. Then I was driving this afternoon and I did a dig, 1-3 pull and then I noticed something all over my windshield... apparently my cap on the EGR nipple coming off the coolant tubes didn't like the pressure anymore and it let go and started pissing. Somehow when I pulled over it sealed itself back up and I drove it home. I filled the hole in the coolant tubes with RTV and put another cap on it, I hope it'll hold up this time. Such a little hole can make such a big mess... lol. And a random pic just because I can't wait to hit the track and see what it'll do. I don't expect much better than an 8.30 as it sits but we'll see. A gear, some weight reduction, and a little seat time and I'd like to see a 7.9x. Then I'll be content enough to throw the nitrous on it and blow something up.
  13. Lol jeez it seems like they would notice an issue with the fittings by now.
  14. They were some crappy $250 HRE's I had for a while. I never really liked them... like at all lol. I only had two and the others would cost $3000, so I decided to just sell them. No vids, I just pulled the transmission lines off the car and didn't even drive it again. I called Summit about the AN swivels that were leaking, and they're replacing them with Earls -6 fittings for free. SCORE!

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