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  1. I'll check greg687 And no i didn't check that not too sure which mounting bracket your talking about. I remember seeing a clip that's on the caliper not sure if that's the one but it looked ok didn't look broken or anything but it won't hurt to check one more time blackmage The strut bolts are really thight on there and it's when the car is running even in a smooth straight road Thanks for the tips
  2. I put lowering springs on the car ran fine and a few days later I started hearing like a Rattle in the front drivers side, as soon as I put pressure on the brakes it goes away. The sound however does not get louder as I speed up, I took off the front brakes and both sides where in good shape plenty of life left. I jacked the car up took of the wheel and spun the hub assembly and passenger side was worn so I replaced the hub assembly on both sides. After that I drove the car and it still has the same noise. I know it has to do with brakes but not sure what exactly to look for, and don't want to start buying random parts.
  3. So the shop said I can get away with putting heads and I can just put the vortech, said I should gain around 100rwhp I'm at 228 rwhp and 282lbs tq so hopefully I'll be at 328 rwhp and 382lbs tq What would I need to upgrade as I get closer to 400rwhp? I know I'll need a better transmission
  4. Thanks everyone I decided to keep mine Put some heads and a vortech s trim and call it a day and for sure get rid of the tail lights
  5. Oh ok thanks everyone He also had a 97 cobra supercharged should I consider that one? Last time I asked he didn't know how much power it was making He wanted 2k on top of the trade maybe I can convince him to an even trade That one had a clear title
  6. He's is stock except for CAI and has 150,000 miles. Manual transmission, only thing is it has a salvage title he said he's had it for 4 years but never really uses it, only thing is that it has a slight pull to one side. I haven't gone to check it out yet but and I wanted to see what y'all think before I go check it out. I got a friend that works at a body shop and said shouldn't be too bad to fix. I'm looking for a newer mustang because I'm liking the new edge and heard they can make more power easier than the pushrods. Mine dynoed at 228 rwhp and 283 lbtq I plan on taking his to get a compression test done before we trade (if we trade) and to get checked out about the alignment issue
  7. Oh OK thanks everyone and another option I was thinking about was on a lightning swap, any output on a swap like that? Roughly how much does it cost to do the swap?
  8. So I just got done with my first build, didn't go according to plan but it did pretty good. I planned on putting heads but my girlfriend came out pregnant so my family came first and I left out the heads. Car made 230 rwhp and 280 tq, what's the best bang for your buck? Should I save up and get a 351 Windsor and bore it out? From there see how much power it makes, then add a power adder (vortech or blower etc.) Budget wise would be around maybe 10k then save up again for the vortech or whatever I go with It will be my daily and my goal is just to get as much power as I can for $10k for the engine I will get the rear end rebuilt and buy a better transmission Its got a tremec version of t5
  9. So my car dynoed at 230 HP and 280 tq to the wheels

  10. They told me its a Tremec cobra spec t5 and its supposed to hold 350hp heres the casting numbers 1352-065-922 i know its a tremec because it says it
  11. Heres the numbers from transmission 1352-162 and The number on the bell housing is 1352066919
  12. Do you think they put the 94 shaft in the 87 transmission? Not sure if its possible
  13. Anyone know how much abuse the 87/88 mustang transmission can handle? I got a 94 mustang gt and the previous owner put a different transmission if im correct its from a 4cyl. 87 mustang Found this online (1352-162 87 & 88 mustang 2.3 240) Heres a list of the mods on the car finished the rebuild havent drove it yet im getting the bearing retainer for it 1994 Mustang GT bored out to a 306. Hypertectic pistons E303 camshaft 1.7 scorpion roller rockers trickflow valve springs hardened pushrods 24lb injectors 1" ford racing intake spacer gt40 intake 70mm SR throttle body 80mm MAF Cold air Intake 255lph walbro fuel pump Spec stage 2 clutch SR clutch cable Summit Racing shorty headers 2.5 Offroad H pipe and flowmaster super 44s, 2.5 tail pipes with 3.5 tips Summit Racing street/track distributor msd ignition coil 4.10 gears Stock heads for now, long story..Im waiting on them for a while my girlfriend is pregnant so gotta save for the baby then i can get the heads
  14. Oh ok what lowering springs are the best ones? its a dd car what do yall think if this stance

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