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  1. have fun at the rain event Ill be working on the car so I can attend next year lol
  2. Welcome back Frank......sounds like life has been not only busy but good for ya. Congrats on the baby. I remember when you were in the process of moving. Texas correct? Are you still there or back in FL? Side note haven't driven mine in 5 years , toe down to a shell to start over lol. good luck with the baby and getting back in an SN.
  3. just never know.. may get a hair up my ass may not. The s550 show is kinda burning me out well just have to see.
  4. Welcome... Remember you from back a few years.
  5. Like wise Tony ... was a good week as always good to see everyone again . Quick one for Tony as I know the wait is killing him lol When I get a chance Ill get some more up
  6. There will be no pull out vids this year. Cops have the main road roped off so pedestrians cant get near the road and they are sitting right outside the exit. If Im not mistaken tony just got pulled over lol.
  7. That's cool Now at least I can find you if we arrive before we can get the key to the house lol. See you tomorrow This is true
  8. The wife beater and shorts are the preferred choice of clothing for life. If I have to put on pants and a sleeved shirt Im not happy. lol Don't forget the hat lol Your staying at the same place as last year?
  9. Tom and I are leaving tomorrow night,call ya when we get in saturday morning

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