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  1. Cant go wrong with stifflers Brian and Mike are great guys. I would suggest getting the fit system and spyder brace for your car. Will help out tremendously on the track.
  2. 2019 is 5 months away...you planning a speed build cause that aint much rime for a build. As for my car Im about done with fabrication crap have some wiring and a pretty long punch list ro button up but Im planning to be cruising next summer.
  3. have fun at the rain event Ill be working on the car so I can attend next year lol
  4. No plans on attending this year
  5. Congrats on the purchase. BLU BALS 😛
  6. Im gonna take a wild guess and say its a Clark but not Troy. Lol
  7. digging the body mods and firewall cover. did something similar back some years ago
  8. Yes sir, on vacation until April. When is the next meet or show lol
  9. Thought I read earlier on in this post you checked for vac leaks? You slackin? Do I have to stop over and check on your work?
  10. Boom and thats the end of the lean code.
  11. Look at his torque app results.. Multiple misfires on 3,4,6,8 swwpping 2 and 6 will not cure the other 3 misfires.
  12. As i said earlier if your getting a misfire code it has nothing to do with the fuel system. Its coil pac related hence the lean code along with it. A tune issue would not trigger a mis fire code unless stevie wonder is your tuner. Stop chasing bs and test your coil pacs. There maintenance items just like nrake pads...they go bad after xxx amount of miles.
  13. Never liked the florida5.0 cluster but price wise it will cost you almost the same to fabricate your own depending on gauge selection. Wiring is not an issue just make your own pigtails.
  14. Random is usually coil packs that are on there way out. Only other option would be on the wiring. Once you find the misfire culprit your lesn code will go away.
  15. You will not get a misfire code with a bad injector...it dont work like that. You need to solve the misfire codes before you waist any money on anything else. More than likey a coil pack..i see you replaced the wires..did you pull the plugs on the misfire cylinders? My guess is there fouled out. The ecm is at its lean limit and cant adjust anymore.

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