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  1. She did not like the R505s, that was the first one she discarded. It came down to the Recaro Speeds and Cobra Daytonas. It is the extra support of the Daytonas that got her vote.
  2. Well, my wife has made a choice on the seats for the car. I gave her the options of the Corbeau GTS II and CR1, the Sparco R505, Recaro Speed, or Cobra Daytona. The seats will either be covered in the factory Dark Charcoal Leather or the leather with Black Microsuede inserts, think Terminator seats. And the winner is.......... http://www.motorsportseats.com/cobra/daytona.html
  3. 625rwhp with the V1 Si and I talked my wife into allowing an upgrade to the V7 JT after the motor is broken in and shooting for over 750rwhp.
  4. So far still working on the tear down. The rebuild/restoration consists of getting the car back to better than factory fresh as far as cleanliness. It is receiving a full Saleen Body Kit, built/forged 4V swap (Teksid, P&P 03 Cobra Heads, 01 Cobra Intake Manifold, Vortech V1 Si, FMIC), T56 Magnum, built rear, redone interior, 95 Style Cobra R Hood, full stereo, weight reduction, etc... Grew up in Belle Vernon
  5. What's up everyone, new to the site. I belong to Corral (do not get on there much anymore), SVTPerformance, and I am trying to reignite the TNMustangclub.org site. I live in Nashville, TN and originally from Pittsburgh, PA area. Here is my 02 GT Convertible the day I picked it up. Here is the way it looked before the rebuild started. I just finished, for the most part, my garage remodel and here is how both the car and garage look. The car has not been driven in over two years. I am doing a rebuild/restoration and want it perfect before it sees the streets again.

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