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  1. welcome. We are ready for pics of the car now :)
  2. how much does that sucker weigh?
  3. I didn't want to make it a point on your topic but I really think that fuse box  and maybe the harness is going to be in the way of the wheel after doing similar stuff to my own car.  I have seen pics of engine bay harnesses that have been rubbed by the wheels just from being tied up to where the fuse box is and they were a few inches higher.  I know how bad it sucks to get the wiring sorted out, and to find out a wheel is in the way.

    1. ThomasW


      No worries man!  I looked at it again today and it doesnt look like it’ll be a problem, but i didnt put the wheel up to actually check.  

        I’ll likely do that tomorrow just for piece of mind. 

  4. I got a little miffed at one show as my car was still 100% stock so I entered the stock class. The winner had a pretty well built motor with as I remember the high point being a 250 shot of NO2. 10-15 yrs ago out in Az I got a little more serious about my mountain biking and started entering some races that were across the state. I got on the podium on or two times but only in the beginner class when the race was a little outside of town and the sand baggers didn't want to make the trip. Sand baggers was the term for the people that should be racing in a tougher catagory but unless you a
  5. that sucks that its like that but I never go to a show expecting to win, or disappointed if I do not get another trophy to collect dust.
  6. upgrading his server? Man the last time I saw pics of what he was doing on fb it looked like a LOT more then an upgrade.
  7. ttocs

    new theme

    still too bright.
  8. ttocs

    new theme

    I see the note at the top of the page saying there is a new them available but I can't find it anywhere in my settings or? What is it and how do we switch to it?
  9. am I seeing what I think I am seeing?!
  10. I remember you from there. If you were banned you would know it as it would just tell you that you were and for how long and maybe why.
  11. click on the spot that tells how long ago it was updated at the bottom.
  12. I don't think he is affiliated with them anymore. I think the last I saw he was pitching now his own brand of detailing stuff with a shirt claiming its been around 50 yrs or something crazy. I thought I ready he is just rebranding chemical bros stuff after buying in bulk and repackaging it but the less I hear about him the better.

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