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  1. I was wondering where ya been the other day funny enough.
  2. trust me its one of those grass is greener things. When she was in school and just starting out she would come home from class and want to try some new style she learned. Back then it was great just because it was REALLY easy to turn a good massage into a great one with a happy ending when your dating the therapist but then she graduated and started working and it wasn't long after that point that she didn't want to rub anyone else after a long day and by that point I didn't want to rub her much either.
  3. That sucks as back and neck injuries are the worst IMO since you just can't find any position that does not hurt. I also hate it because when my back hurts I miss my ex-girlfriend that was a massage therapist and missing that cray cray woman is never a good thing....
  4. yup I think I know that car. How are yer rods yer making coming along?
  5. IIRC the front/rear motors are the same front/rear if you just wanted to replace them although I think thought I heard there was a difference between left/right. I am not sure what you would do with the handle if you could replace it with manual parts.
  6. was that a deal where another person or two would have made the difference or would it just suck no matter how many?
  7. 6 weeks to get the right pins, sounds like my karma but at least its moving.
  8. looks like a nice place to hang out.
  9. that does suck. But lets learn from it, move on and start making a plan for bigger and better. What can all be used again, what is going to have to be replaced?
  10. Can't ya just find a buddy in the loading hanger that can hide it in the luggage area of a C130? Seems like those things are big enough to hide a car or two. Then just get in good with the pilot and him to a flyover and drop it out the back like I see them do with the hummers! I mean tell me that a couple bottle of whisky and a couple cartons of smokes and I do not see why this could not happen...
  11. the best advice I can give on welding is when you are going to do it take a piece of scrap from the same metal and use it to get the settings and moving/motion speed correct and then move over to your work piece.
  12. I can't wait till I get the new trans in and can hit a dyno day this spring/summer. Hopefully the local shows open up this year last year they were all cancelled.

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