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  1. 6 weeks to get the right pins, sounds like my karma but at least its moving.
  2. looks like a nice place to hang out.
  3. that does suck. But lets learn from it, move on and start making a plan for bigger and better. What can all be used again, what is going to have to be replaced?
  4. Can't ya just find a buddy in the loading hanger that can hide it in the luggage area of a C130? Seems like those things are big enough to hide a car or two. Then just get in good with the pilot and him to a flyover and drop it out the back like I see them do with the hummers! I mean tell me that a couple bottle of whisky and a couple cartons of smokes and I do not see why this could not happen...
  5. the best advice I can give on welding is when you are going to do it take a piece of scrap from the same metal and use it to get the settings and moving/motion speed correct and then move over to your work piece.
  6. I can't wait till I get the new trans in and can hit a dyno day this spring/summer. Hopefully the local shows open up this year last year they were all cancelled.
  7. I understand msd had issues for a while but I hear they have been much better a little after holley took them over in 2015
  8. those might not look too bad :) sarcasm of course they should look cool as shit
  9. so it looks like all the sushi you can stand then huh?
  10. welcome. We are ready for pics of the car now :)
  11. you have to be pretty happy with that sound I would imagine, or I would be. I feel like I am a week or two behind you as I just sorted out the problem I was having with my turn signal inside and got to see them flash correctly.
  12. looks like a nice color and a nice job on the paint. Almost reminds me of deep forest green but with out the blue pearl closer to the fox body green
  13. its been nice to get it out and start to open it up. Needless to say its a different beast with the supercharger and everything else now. I gotta say I love my loud button as I describe it in here. The bad news is that while the motor is sounding glorious, stock tranny is making some unhappy noises now in what I am sure is preparation for an exciting ending. I have already started to make plans for a T56 magnum close ratio so 6th will lower the cruising rpms a little as with the 3.55s at 60 with a little over 2k rpms it could be better.

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