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Community Answers

  1. yup I think I know that car. How are yer rods yer making coming along?
  2. IIRC the front/rear motors are the same front/rear if you just wanted to replace them although I think thought I heard there was a difference between left/right. I am not sure what you would do with the handle if you could replace it with manual parts.
  3. was that a deal where another person or two would have made the difference or would it just suck no matter how many?
  4. 6 weeks to get the right pins, sounds like my karma but at least its moving.
  5. looks like a nice place to hang out.
  6. that does suck. But lets learn from it, move on and start making a plan for bigger and better. What can all be used again, what is going to have to be replaced?
  7. Can't ya just find a buddy in the loading hanger that can hide it in the luggage area of a C130? Seems like those things are big enough to hide a car or two. Then just get in good with the pilot and him to a flyover and drop it out the back like I see them do with the hummers! I mean tell me that a couple bottle of whisky and a couple cartons of smokes and I do not see why this could not happen...
  8. the best advice I can give on welding is when you are going to do it take a piece of scrap from the same metal and use it to get the settings and moving/motion speed correct and then move over to your work piece.
  9. I can't wait till I get the new trans in and can hit a dyno day this spring/summer. Hopefully the local shows open up this year last year they were all cancelled.
  10. I understand msd had issues for a while but I hear they have been much better a little after holley took them over in 2015
  11. those might not look too bad :) sarcasm of course they should look cool as shit
  12. so it looks like all the sushi you can stand then huh?

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