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  1. Completed the roll bar installation: Completely FUCK ever installing one of these again.
  2. Random roll bar install pictures: It is admittedly pretty dirty and sun-faded from sitting outside but the POR15 finish is still decent. I’m going to just wrap it in padding and stickers anyway.
  3. The Kenny Brown adjustable front sway bar should allow me to fine tune the way this car feels. There were some initial set backs. The supplied bushings didn’t fit my sway bar brackets. No matter. I ordered a new set from Prothane. Foiled again! These are just hilariously wrong. This was about the time I realized the supplies bushings were meant for the stock brackets AND the fact I had the damn MM relocation kit. The bushings were every so slightly too wide but a quick trip to a belt sander fixed that. Now we’re getting somewhere! These are stupid to install and the instructions suck. Overall happy with the install and ready to begin road testing. Comparing my two steering wheel options on the road is also something I’m looking forward too.
  4. I really need to take the time to clean the interior up because it’s still super dusty from sitting up and from the body shop.. idk, Maybe this weekend..
  5. Chasing driveline vibrations: New Autocross magnets: New high score: New front sway bar: (more on this later) Random sunset picture: Testing new GoPro cameras: Finally got my sexport mirrors back: New key chain lol
  6. Added SLP tips: First oil change: My new riding partner: Put the Corbeau fixed bucket back in: Autocross: Sexual Content NSFW:
  7. Thank you!! Man, the kudos/admiration she has gotten lately is almost unreal. I’m still trying to get used to it.
  8. We had a blast on the first outing with the Unicorn. The made me a corner captain, which was pretty cool. Made a bunch of new friends and was overwhelmed with advice. Even had to dodge a Miata that got lost. [#Corner4neverforget] Somehow both photographers were driving in Heat A and no one was available to shoot Heat B. :sad:
  9. Yes sir. We’ve implemented many changes in the last few years. The traffic has been slow but we have a cadre of OGs that stick around. Welcome.
  10. Thanks fellas. I’m glad I never fully parted it out and sold the shell. I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten over the regret. Not the best picture but I put the side skirts on.

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