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  1. Thanks fellas. I’m glad I never fully parted it out and sold the shell. I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten over the regret. Not the best picture but I put the side skirts on.
  2. Started to reassemble it further. Remembered I needed to trim the Cobra bumper more. Found some overspray on my wheels.
  3. Wired in the T56 harness, installed the DLG-1 wideband, removed what I didn’t want painted and sent the car to the body shop!!
  4. Now that I have a GoPro Hero 7 I can start and stop recording at will. This leads to shorter clips but I keep forgetting to start/stop the camera so… Here is a 7 part series lol
  5. So now that the work was completed, it was time to play. I had to be considerate of the hundreds of lineman helping to restore power in the wake of the hurricane, so, I only slalomed road cones twice. 🥳 She really does have a pretty face now and I can’t wait to see what she looks like with the Cobra bumper on. Videos to follow this post.
  6. Undeterred by the additional holes, I soldiered on with the install. The passenger side had an unexpected surprise. Someone had traditional hood pins in this hood in the past and left half a screw in my way. This had to be drilled out to proceed. After talking to a few people and a lengthy conversation with my wife, I’ve decided to leave these black. My wife reasoned that in the rear I have a black T1, black tail light bezels and the lower portion of the bumper is black. The front has black headlights, black hood latches, the wheels are black and the export mirrors have a black mount. She felt they would fit right in and “break up all of the white” in the front of the car. I let her sleep inside last night. Such a good girl.
  7. Installed the Aerocatch latches and proceeded to drive the piss out of it for an hour. Settled on some measurements and got to work. Right after this picture was taken my dremel died. Rats… Ran out to buy another but Lowe’s and Home Depot both closed early. Damn you Hurricane Ida! Went to Lowe’s the next morning and picked up a much better Dremel than previously had. Immediately got down to business. Turns out my measurements didn’t account for the contours of the underside of the hood. Oh well.
  8. More progress pics from the paint booth! The recent hurricane messed the timeline up but she goes in the shop this coming Monday (9-6-21)

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