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  1. Thanks fellas. I’m glad I never fully parted it out and sold the shell. I don’t know if I would’ve ever gotten over the regret. Not the best picture but I put the side skirts on.
  2. Started to reassemble it further. Remembered I needed to trim the Cobra bumper more. Found some overspray on my wheels.
  3. Wired in the T56 harness, installed the DLG-1 wideband, removed what I didn’t want painted and sent the car to the body shop!!
  4. Now that I have a GoPro Hero 7 I can start and stop recording at will. This leads to shorter clips but I keep forgetting to start/stop the camera so… Here is a 7 part series lol
  5. So now that the work was completed, it was time to play. I had to be considerate of the hundreds of lineman helping to restore power in the wake of the hurricane, so, I only slalomed road cones twice. 🥳 She really does have a pretty face now and I can’t wait to see what she looks like with the Cobra bumper on. Videos to follow this post.
  6. Undeterred by the additional holes, I soldiered on with the install. The passenger side had an unexpected surprise. Someone had traditional hood pins in this hood in the past and left half a screw in my way. This had to be drilled out to proceed. After talking to a few people and a lengthy conversation with my wife, I’ve decided to leave these black. My wife reasoned that in the rear I have a black T1, black tail light bezels and the lower portion of the bumper is black. The front has black headlights, black hood latches, the wheels are black and the export mirrors have a black mount. She felt they would fit right in and “break up all of the white” in the front of the car. I let her sleep inside last night. Such a good girl.
  7. Installed the Aerocatch latches and proceeded to drive the piss out of it for an hour. Settled on some measurements and got to work. Right after this picture was taken my dremel died. Rats… Ran out to buy another but Lowe’s and Home Depot both closed early. Damn you Hurricane Ida! Went to Lowe’s the next morning and picked up a much better Dremel than previously had. Immediately got down to business. Turns out my measurements didn’t account for the contours of the underside of the hood. Oh well.
  8. More progress pics from the paint booth! The recent hurricane messed the timeline up but she goes in the shop this coming Monday (9-6-21)
  9. This is the way. The Saleen bumper will stay but I still need to align that damn hood. My new bash bar came in! The vendor didn’t disappoint and the Saleen bumper clears without issue. This pile of parts is going to the body shop for paint!! After I cut the holes in the hood for my aerocatch latches, the car will follow.
  10. Not the best light to take pictures in but you get the idea. The stablemate just giggled at my car’s identity crisis. The Forgestars look good and… …the steam roller tires clear with out issue! It appears I’ll need to trim this down because it may rub under suspension compression, according to @iRoush
  11. Oh I can’t wait… Just need to trim the bumper a bit more to clear but this is a success.
  12. Took the spacers out of the bottom mounting point and the fit is much better. Before: After:
  13. One side seems to be different than the other and I’m not sure what I’ll do about it yet. I’m not sure if I can heat and form carbon fiber but I’ll figure it out.
  14. Today I’ve decided to tackle another project that’s been on the back burner for a while. I’m finally installing the carbon fiber fenders. This is stressful. After some fine tuning these will look amazing.
  15. Swapped out the incorrect steering wheel hub for the proper part! Big thanks to @vtchopperdude for doing his home work and sharing the knowledge with the rest of us. Just look at that gap!! The bolt had, AT BEST, 2 threads in the column! The new hub has a larger diameter and fit so good I was able to remove the trim spacer. The new Grip Royal steering wheel feels SO good!! Now.. I just need an alcantara shift boot and e-brake boot. Hmm.
  16. Wheeled it over to the Shell station and filled it up. The new gauge read 100% at full!! Man, it really sucks driving this thing in the rain with no AC!! Need to adjust the clutch and put the front bumper back on.
  17. Wiring!!! Fuel level gauge installed and partially calibrated. I didn’t take pictures of the process but this was how it went: Setting the Existing Sender Type 1. The brown and black wires are used to set the sender type. The gauge ships pre-programmed to read GM 0-90 ohm senders. If using a 0-90 ohm GM sender, separately insulate the ends of the brown and black wires with electrical tape, and coil them up under the dash. 2. If any other sender type is required, connect a Radio Shack 275-1556 or equivalent momentary button to the black and brown wires (see illustration above), or alternately touch the stripped ends of the black and brown wires to simulate pushing the button. 3. Press and hold the button, and apply power to the gauge. After 10 seconds, the display will momentarily display a number with a dash on either side indicating the gauge is in sender select mode. 4. Allow the display to move to the appropriate number per the sender select chart (see next page), and release the push button. The display can be incremented to the next position by momentarily pressing the button. 5. Remove power from the gauge to store the new sender type by turning off the ignition switch. 6. Re-apply power to the gauge, and confirm that it reads the proper fuel level. If the proper fuel level is not read, return to step 3 and repeat the sender select process. If the proper fuel level is still not indicated, perform a Custom Sender Calibration. 7. Remove power from the gauge by turning off the ignition switch. 8. Remove the momentary button if it was used, and tape the ends of the brown and black wires so they will not touch. 9. Coil the wires up under the dash. The gauge is reading 10% after introducing 3.001 gallons (dammit) in the tank. I won’t be satisfied with the calibration until I see what it reads full. Tidied the trunk wiring up some but this still needs more work to be completed.
  18. Put the Unicorn on jack stand the fuel tank and investigated the cause of the leak. Just as I had suspected, it came from the fuel hanger not being properly secured. The Pro-M hanger came with a “three winged” retainer and the stock tank uses a “four winged” retainer. Quantum Fuel Systems 340 LPH in Pro-M hanger Properly secured like Ford intended: Drained the tank after that was completed which started the new fuel level gauge install. The debris was already in the bucket Let’s take a moment to look at this kinky mess All done!! Everything is tight and secured.

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