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  1. Installed the new header panel from LMR. Just needs a little fine tuning to line it all up but making progress! Literally, lol, stainless tie wired some beat to shit headlights that Chris Brown sent me in place, from his totaled car 🥺 so I could drive it to work Friday (4-8-22) I needed the victory to boost morale.
  2. This evening I stripped the front clip off and replaced it with the stock fenders and Cobra bumper. Just waiting on a few shipments to deliver and I’ll be back on the road.
  3. These pictures speak for themselves. The bash bar and impact absorber took the brunt of the hit. The core support and inner fender show no obvious signs of damage. The passenger carbon fiber fender is trashed but the Saleen bumper could possibly be salvaged but idk if it’ll ever look right again. I have the stock fenders and a cobra bumper in the attic that were painted with the car. My wife insisted that I do so and I’m very happy she did. I’m going to pick up a stock hood from my buddy and test for it. If it clears, I’m going to install my Trackspec vents and another set of Aerocatch latches. The plan is to replace the fender and repair the hood. I’ll just have two hoods lol Down, again, but not out. I’ll have it looking like a Fobra again by the weekend. This is still a good look
  4. After lengthy rain/lightning delays, we went out for a parade lap/no helmet session. They gave us the option to allow the instructor to drive 2 laps or so to show you the line in your car. On the third lap, exiting turn 16 into the straight, the car got a little loose on throttle, so he hit the clutch and slammed on the brakes. The rears locked and I don’t need to tell you the rest. Hit the inside wall on the straight at an agonizingly slow speed. Finally got the ****** back on track and drove another lap and then pitted to inspect damages. Who the fuck does that on wet surfaces?
  5. Arrived late but just in time for the morning driver's meeting. We split into run groups and i unloaded the car for tech inspection. Forged pistons tapping away, I drove it to the covered pit area where she passed tech. Drove it from there to the control tower for a classroom session. This would be the last time I drove the car before it kissed the wall.
  6. The next day, Friday, I woke up to a flat tire. While having it repaired, I made a new buddy. After I got the car home, I loaded it up and began packing for the weekends event. A few buddies noticed I had my straps crossed and advised me not to. It was a nice hour and a half drive. The truck handled the situation flawlessly and I felt really good about the day. The weather was going to be shitty for the early day hours but was going to clear up around lunchtime. It was going to be a great day. Boy was I wrong.
  7. Held a steady 15 inHg and that’s a pretty good indication that I don’t have any leaks. I will perform the bleed procedure a few more time tomorrow but, come hell or high water, I’m going to run the car on the track this weekend. Took the car for a spin and it felt good but it got a little touchy at low rpm’s pulling into the carport. I’ll mail it down but she’s good enough to play around.
  8. Kept noticing small amount of PS fluid on the ground and it took me a bit to find the source. The upper hose was in a bind and it severed the PTFE at the edge of the ferrule. As it leaked, it traveled through the steel braided shield and transferred to another hose before dripping to the ground. Chased that for a few days and then it took me a few tries to get it right but I repaired the leak. Tried to bleed the air from the system on a few occasions but to no avail. The normal turn the wheels lock to lock method didn't help. Decided to pull the system under a vacuum but had issues getting the 'plug' to seal in the reservoir. Chassis is stiff!! Another trip around the block proved that round of bleeding to be unsuccessful. Drilled/tapped the reservoir cap and installed a stainless tubing fitting. I'm going to use that to pull it under a vacuum but I kept forgetting it at work. I had some success last night keeping some vacuum on it with this stupid butt plug looking POS but I'm going to try again this evening. To be continued....
  9. Between work demanding my time and the fact I have been disgusted with the car lately, I haven't kept up with updating this thread. I'll fix that right now. After finally getting the appropriate fitting, I reconnected the lines and gave it another try. This time it didn't leak but that was the end of the good news. Those with sharp eyes can spot the issue right away but I'll get back to this later. The first drive went well enough until I realized I was laying a smoke screen. As it turned out, the new dipstick tube wasn't fully seated and I was spewing oil directly onto the header. Yay 100+ pounds of oil pressure!! Couldn't resist a picture! After getting back on the road I noticed the steering was HARD and it would only move with throttle input. Great... That means air trapped in the lines. More gratuitous glamour pictures... Who doesn't like carbon fiber?? So back to the hose...
  10. The fittings I picked up were the incorrect thread and I’ve been effectively sidelined. This has never leaked before now and I’m perplexed: I revisited the original “SN95 AN Hydroboost conversion thread” and determined the proper fitting to be: 6AN x 11/16-18 in with o-ring The o-ring will seal against the bottom of the high pressure port. Further reading and a potential remedy made me feel uneasy so I’ve located the proper fittings and will fix it definitively. I am going to edit the original thread to reflect this:
  11. Left work early to hopefully pick that booster up and this time it was the correct part! After FIGHTING lunchtime BR traffic I made it home and got to work. Clearly leaking where I thought it was. The new booster looks pretty good but I wish they wouldn’t have put this stupid sticker on it. Before cleaning: After cleaning: Final product: Now the stupid ****** leaks from the high pressure fitting LOL The damn fitting has been WRONG the entire time apparently but didn’t leak before. This is apparently the appropriate fitting: Luckily, I was able to quickly track a few down but they’re about an hour drive away. Bought them over the phone and picking them up after hours. #dedication Shut up @lwarrior1016 I didn’t even threaten to part it out this time.
  12. As I arrived to retrieve the trailer, it was being hooked to a Silverado. As it turned out, the owners Suburban broke down. So, I waited there for a little over an hour to pick it up. Not a big deal. Helped them get the burb into the yard and set out for Advance Auto Parts to pick my new booster up…. Or so I thought. It wasn’t the right part and I was pretty bummed out. It was for a damn power stroke truck. Dejected, I drove home and drank a few beers. Found yet another booster at Vatozone and I will pick it up midday today.
  13. What a week.. Took off yesterday to finalize a few things on the car prior to a third party tech inspection. Finally added the line to the coolant over flow tank, washed the car and set out to the inspector. Noticed a little water in the floor board but passed it off as wet shoes. The car passed inspection without any concerns!! Before I headed home, I decided to wipe the water up and quickly realized it was a petroleum based fluid. Power steering fluid. Fuck. Didn’t notice anything obvious so I headed home. Half way home, I noticed a few drops on my shoe and I truly became concerned. This is just my luck. It’s leaking from the seal on the other side of this boot where the piston rod attached to the booster unit. Demoralized but undeterred, I’ve scoured the internet for a replacement. Several calls to Mustang recyclers later, I found little hope. However… I found on locally at Advance Auto Parts and will scoop that up after picking my buddies trailer up after work.
  14. Installed anti-rattle clips on the rear pads. Adjusted the panhard bar to center the rear. In the middle of installing the five point harness. Now running out to get a new windshield strip.
  15. Finished the KRC installation and hit the road for a test drive. My initial impression was how much smoother and linear the steering response is now. Now, making rapid left and right maneuvers along with braking while turning are now a non-issue. I need to bleed the hydroboost for it to be perfect but I’m am very hopeful.
  16. (Massive update time! I will add pictures after I type this up.) Finally got back to the new PS system installation and I’ve all but finished it. Started by using the electric setup to pump as much of Pentosin out as possible. I’m almost disappointed that it worked as planned and didn’t make a huge mess. Finished up by making a new high pressure hose and tying the return lines together. Filled the reservoir and fired it up!! Didn’t get footage of the fluid puking everywhere or the look on my face when the bolts backed out of the WP pulley. It made a huge mess after all. Sigh… Time to drink beer… I’ll get back to this Sunday! Today’s resumption of work will include the installation of a front brake cooling setup. Big thanks to @ReplicaR for donating an extra set of inlet ducts to the cause. These will be pop-riveted in place in the outboard inlet. I’m also going to ditch the mesh screens.
  17. To satisfy a new security protocol, all members must log in using their email and not their user name. That is all.
  18. Videos from January 23, 2022:
  19. Pictures from the January 23, 2022 event:
  20. Had an instructor buddy (Brent Bravata) co-drive the car to show me what it could really do. He was much quicker than I was. His fastest run clinched the CAM-T victory.
  21. Pics from October 30, 2021 event @ EVOC

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