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  1. So no real work got done at the new house until we got Jo's car out of the garage, which inconveniently didn't happen until we went down to Florida for Cleetus' Christmas Tree race. So as soon as it was out of the garage, I set that bad boy sideways and work began! Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr First thing was to check the squreness of the k-member. No pictures of the process but I was surpised that it was only out by 1/16" crossed and I called that good enough! Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr After that it was ba
  2. With the K-member in the car, it was time for the first meeting of the Whale Cannon and the Gen 3 Coyote! Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr In like a glove! It's much wider than the pushrod was, can't wait for that fun to begin! Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr Now that the engine was in the bay, it was time to start inching away on the dash. The process that I felt would be most appropriate would be to seperate the dash pad from the frame and
  3. Alright, Alright, Alright (cue Matthew McConaughey) This is the start of the update y'all have deserved! Since last year's update, things have been pretty hectic but steady progress has been happening so lets get ya'll up to speed! First things first! Now that the S550 donor was finished being stripped, it was time to start tearing down the whale cannon! It pained me to pull the black interior out of the whale cannon but it served me well! It, along with the carbon driven pulls will soon be seen in @CompOrangeSN95's 5.4L swapped SN! Untitled by TealNV, on Flickr
  4. hahah it'll come! Surprisingly close. It's definitely not just pop it in there and she's all happy
  5. Back on my shit, yearly update time! With 2020 being a cluster hole of a year and us investing into my wife's racing program. The SN spent another year as an untouched roller. But we bought a new house last March, took possession in May, and slowly got the house set to the point that the SN was finally going to get some attention! It made it back home roughly in October and didn't get a lot of progress right away but have been chipping away. Things are starting to come together and I'm super grateful for that! Working on the car tonight so hopefully that will lead to some good updates with pic
  6. Now this is freaking cool!
  7. Dang sonnn! That's a hell of some updates! I desperately need to do the same. If mine wasnt in my garage i'd probably be forgetting that I own it!
  8. Jesus lord. I'm bad at foruming. But I promise updates have been made but not logged well. Well at least logged here! Like @TTSALEEN said, we've been slowly knocking away and getting everything ready for the swap! Jo's car was a priority this year but it was fun being able to build and manage someone else's build and not my own! That being said, going through the hoops with her car this year made planning for my car a heck of a lot easier, mainly because I plan on copying her build, but in a SN, with a Tremec Magnum sitting behind it! Just can't get myself to get away from a stickshift, it's t
  9. Lol nah, it’s on those Same smutty cobra R reps for the winter [emoji23] maybe once the SN gets rolling, the BBS will get put aside to grace it’s presence in the spring [emoji1693][emoji1693][emoji1693] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sooooo Mach got Detailed and put away for the winter. Between the racecar, the whale cannon, and remodeling our house, there was no love left for the mach 😅😅 Updates to come when we do something with it in the spring!
  11. This is Intriguinggggg, Makes me wonder what the rear caliper off the 18's are since we have two sets sitting around now. hmmmmm
  12. Sad part is, they probably will just stay on the Mach since the SN will more likely than not end up on another 15/17 set up lol Gotta grow the collection! Even though we're out of space for them already hahah LOL No, unfortunately they will not be forward facing or have wasabi whirly bois on the ends of them! LTH Exhaust (subsidy of CPE) is expanding their product base, so they'll be taking the Mach to use for it's 4v development! Oh yeah, they're ATROCIOUSLY bad lol to be fair the 4" of wheel gap doesn't help anything but
  13. I love the old school look of the RS's but I just can't help but wonder what they'd look like in yellow 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Yellow and White are the only colors that I feel like can pull off color matched wheels. I have the worlds most fucked up styling though so don't take anything I say to heart 🤣

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