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  1. subframe connectors, bilsteins and H&R Sport springs plus a good set of rear control arms
  2. Chapter 5: The Third Coming of Megasquirt! So this MS3X will be the third time I've installed a stand alone in this car. I had a MS2 back in 2006/2007, which didnt stay in very long. I had no clue what I was doing with tuning back then. (Not much has changed) In 2015? I had tried to put an MS3Pro in, but I couldnt quite figure out how to make both it and the stock PCM work together for trans control. I have since figured out what I did wrong... but the MS3Pro is long gone. My current setup is a MS3X with a Microsquirt in CAN for engine and transmission control. What a process THIS has been. I'm not planning on tucking any wires away until I know that I've got all the features that I want. So basically that means I wont have a passenger seat all through this year... haha! I had to open up part of the wire harness on the car, because the Signal Ground between the engine and trans sensors, were actually paired together at the DLC connector under the hood. So I pulled all of the harness out and peeled back all the coverings so I could see what was going on. After spending a few weeks trying to research how to make the system work, i had all but given up. After making a couple posts on the MS forums, and bashing my head against the wall, I finally figured out why I couldnt get shift functions to work properly. The MLPS (Manual Lever Position Sensor, a.k.a. Neutral Safety Switch) had to actually be opened up and internally modified. I had to supply a 5v reference to the sensor, so I could get a varied voltage signal out of it. Easy fix. I ordered a new MLPS pigtail, swapped wires over from the old broken connector, and made the necessary mod inside the sensor. Now that I had that sorted out, it was time to move on to getting the MS3x to work. When I first connected my laptop, I had no data from the MS. After getting VERY mad at the guy who sold it to me, I found out that it never had any firmware loaded. I felt like a complete ass. I loaded up the firmware and started plugging away. I add new features almost daily. followed by something taking a dump and not running right. Recently, i was having some very serious issues with erratic signals from the PIP. So how do we fix that??? We replace it! The car ran so poorly, that it completely smoked a set of plugs. In my frustration with the PIP, I had a co-worker machine down my crank pulley spacer, and installed a flying magnet trigger wheel. After a few more days of fiddling, a friend of mine helped keep me sane. Te car would start and idle beautifully, but wouldnt rev past 2k rpm. Turns out I had a setting incorrect in the MS3. Once we figured that out... we were off for a test drive! It was the first day the car had been outside since Thanksgiving. nearly 8 months later... I loaded it up on the trailer and prepared for the events of this week. Monday, Alternate Safety Inspection. Needed to prove to the state that it was safe to be registered. Tuesday, 4th of July!!! :patriot: Wednesday, printed all my DMV papers and insured the car. Thursday (yesterday) FINALLY GOT THE THING REGISTERED!!!! Went hope, popped the new plates on and drove it to the inspection station. ITS FINALLY LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!! Now, time to hammer out this tuning.
  3. Yes, been in the RI National Guard for 9 years. Spent 2010-2011 overseas. As for the Microsquirt... be patient. we're getting there.
  4. After Mustang Week, nothing new really happened with the car. I drove it... ALOT Right up until about the end of November. My inspection had expired back in Feb of 2015... and a year and a half later, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened. Thanksgiving 2016 was the last day the Cobra was on the road. I pulled the plates and transferred them to my new Mustang, knowing full well that it would take a small miracle for the Cobra to EVER pass emissions in RI again. The carnage.... I put the plates on my new 02 Vert that I dubbed "Dirtbag Cheap". I'll be doing a thread on this pile of shit soon too. The coming winter would see a dramatic drop in progress with the Cobra. The 900cc injectors came out, the stock PCM came out too, and a plan was brewing for a new digital dash setup. February saw the influx of parts. I bought a pair of Microsquirts. The plan was to run one controlling the engine, and one on the transmission. After watching the forums again, i saw an MS3X come up for sale... and cheap too. I ended up trading one of my Microsquirts plus a harness, for a NEARLY complete MS3X and harness set. It had a bunch of other extras, but most didnt get used. It took me MONTHS to wire everything up. the project kept getting set back by silly issues, money.. etc. After 4 solid months, I finally had the MS3x ready to install. I was also working on the new digital dash setup. This time, its completely stand alone, and doesnt need to be connected to a laptop. Infact, it completely takes the place of a laptop, and will do all of the datalogging and tuning duties that i require. Its a Raspberry Pi 3b, running Raspbian Jessie w/Pixel with a 7" Official RPi Foundation touch screen display. More on this later.
  5. Along with the digital dash work, I also peeled the plasti-dip off the roof of the car (and what a chore THAT was). I had been tossing around the idea of wrapping the car, and wanted to test myself on a very simple panel. So the roof got the CF vinyl treatment. Coupled with the 17x9/10.5 10th Anniversary wheels, I was very happy with the look of the car. Mustang week was coming, and I was finally going WITH MY CAR! :dance: I picked up a lightly used set of 28x11.5x15 Hoosier QTP's from @Rolocut, whom I had finally met in person at a car show in CT. His Coyote swapped SN is F'n AMAZING!!! Anyway... I couldnt decide if I wanted white or black out, so I took a couple pics trying to figure it out. My new wheels finally came in, and it was time to mount them up. I went with JMS Savage wheels, 17x4.5 and 15x10. I took a few days and did everything I could possibly do, to make sure I didnt look like a bag of ass at Mustang Week. (which didn't work) Overall, I was very happy with the way my car was looking!
  6. Well, I spent the better half of the morning fixing some of the old pictures in this thread. the early pages (1-3) will need to wait until I get home and get on my desktop. When we last left off, I had the car up and running after sending the headgasket on vacation. I started to show the first iteration of the digital dashboard, but we missed some stuff on our way there. So lets step back for a moment. I was having some pretty good luck with the car. Everything was running well and doing what it was supposed to do. I drove it almost every day! I snuck in a quick photo of my car next to my team leaders MK3 Supra, in the shop. Almost a month later (late August 2015) I grabbed a Maximum Motorsports Roll Bar kit with swing out door bars. I quickly proceeded to tear out the entire interior and got to work putting it in. FWIW, Putting a "bolt in" rollbar in by yourself... is a tremendous pain in the balls. Money was tight, as it always is. But September saw a new mod that is hidden in plain sight. Cant see it, can you? I replaced the factory clock with the display for a zeitronix ethanol content analyzer. This was all in preparation to eventually run a stand alone EMS with flex fuel support. The sensor is mounted in the return line of the fuel system, and will output both ethanol content, as well as fuel temp. Two very useful bits of info. As I said before, she was a driver. I drove this thing everywhere. We had a super mild winter, so I drove pretty much any time there wasnt snow on the ground. The 3.73 gears that were in the rear, were a bit too much for the car. I wasnt very happy with the way it was performing, so I grabbed another housing and started swapping back to 3.08s. I had my wife come out and help bleed the brakes, everything went great... right up until my 2 year old decided that he wanted to play with my 10.8v impact... (don't get ahead of me...) My son is interested in all things "car" so I figured "why not let him put the lug nuts on?" I hand threaded each nut on, and placed the impact on the nut and let him pull the trigger. He ran all of the left side lug nuts on. Once they were all on, we said goodnight, and I put the right rear tire back on. In my rush/being distracted... I never torqued either rear wheel on. Shens on me. I told my wife that i was going to head to the gas station and fill up on E85, hopped in the car and took off! I made it about 6 miles from my house. The car landed on the sway bar, and slid a good 50 feet or so. My LR tire rolled nearly a 1/4 mile away! The only damage to the body was under the rear bumper... And I didnt notice it until this past spring (2017). I made my second "call of shame", got a ride home, and went back out to where the car was with my truck and trailer. Im so glad I have the FLSFC's and the roll bar, because I was able to jack up the entire rear end from the right rear torque box. Now THAT is rigidity! Winter came and went, some time in late January I had ordered a drag wing from RC's Sheet Metal in Florida. I put it on as soon as it came in! Now we are caught up to the digital dashboard escapades!
  7. Holy Balls... 14 months since the last update. Looks like I've got ALOT to cover over this weekend!
  8. If youre still looking for a set of Cobra 39#ers, I have a set in my garage. I used them in my 347 and they have been in a box since then. Its a set of 7, because I lost one. If you want them, cover shipping (~$7)
  9. drain fluid remove DS remove VSS lift and support trans remove crossmember unbolt housing and remove remove output shaft seal using a prybar, chisel, or other long punch like object, drive bushing out of housing drive new bushing into housing install new seal apply RTV black silicone to housing... reinstall by performing steps 1-6 in reverse.
  10. your shift position switch doesnt run a typical ground, like you would expect. it should be an 8 wire sensor, with only 6 wires populated. there is the MLPS wire and the sensor ground. it SHOULD be a gray wire with a red tracer. Although chances are good the actual MLPS is bad.
  11. dont forget about transmission compatibility, brake system compatibility... etc. A mod swap isnt nearly as cheap and easy as people think, without a donor car. Bottom line is, if you want a coyote SN95, start with a 96+
  12. stop buying and swapping PCM's all CBAZA pcm's have the same internal hardware. You can flash the J4J1 tune to a chip and plug it into a W4H0 PCM and itll work just like a J4J1 pcm. Hell, a friend of mine is currently running an auto through a Cobra PCM.

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