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  1. Truck is prepped Trailer is prepped Clothes are packed Mustang is cleaned. Just need to make radio delete plates and put my shifter bezel in.
  2. Depends on how much free time I have. I met alot of great people last year!
  3. I'll definitely be there. And I'm bringing all my tuning shit again!
  4. If I could get the image for the front of the shirt, I could whip up 2-3 designs tonight. Then we could start the order up and let profit spill into the website account.
  5. I know that @WildWillyWalker has stepped down from his organizational duties for the MW cruise, but has anyone else stepped up to design a shirt for this year? Has anyone else organized a cruise? @Det_Riot ?
  6. Im starting to wish I hadn't planned this as a family trip.
  7. Im staying at Towers on the Grove up in North Myrtle. No Cobra I'll be at the meet and greet Tuesday. Look for the short bald guy wearing the 64bit tuning t-shirt.
  8. Well... my shitbox is not going to make it down this year. Maybe next time.
  9. "See ya there" Must mean that YOU are going. But why isn't your car done yet? I'll know if mine is coming, by the end of the day tomorrow.

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