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  1. Getting ready for that foot of snow (old school dancing banana never goes out of style)
  2. Nice to see some progress, even with the two steps back, for every one you go forward.
  3. it's coming! If we are lucky it will hold off until December and the snow will be minimal. A mild winter would be nice.
  4. About time somebody stepped up around here.
  5. Congrats on the reborn maiden voyage.
  6. I would love to see this car back in action! It's such a nice canvas to promote the SN95 platform. If @95riosnake and @95opal also finished that would be amazing. I don't think you guys realize how important your builds are to the continuing popularity of our body style and how much we appreciate your dedication to your cars.
  7. Wow some nice updates to the white turd. All that MM stuff is making me sexxed up.
  8. It's like building it at the factory when it's disassembled like this.
  9. They sent a survey to the members asking what we would pay for hosting. My reply to every question was "fuck you, you ruined the internet."

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