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  1. In the slim chance in hell I ever have my car at a show again, I really couldn't care less about winning shit. I just enjoy attending, and 99% of the reason I go is to hang out with people. The show is just the setting. ^ Fixed that for you We all know there's probably only been one, maybe two Carlisle Ford Nationals that weren't at least 75% rain.
  2. From the looks of the weather forecast, you can just bring a bucket, soap and a sponge and do it there, lol. Seems that mother nature will be providing plenty of H2O lol. I haven't been to Carlisle in years, so it's good to be welcomed back with the weather I remember from the past lol. I'll be heading out on Friday, not exactly sure what time yet.
  3. just looked up what a yottabite is, holy shit.
  4. Gotta watch those pedabytes when there are children around.
  5. Yea Photobucket is trying to walk it back a little too late. Their reputation has already been ruined. I think I pay like $30/yr for imageshack or something. I think that's pretty fair. $400/yr was absolutely disgusting.
  6. damn, I didn't even know a petrabite was a thing. Sounds like the name of a 90s metal band lol.
  7. Haha, take a guess. I wish I was but it is unfortunately a neglected aspect of my life these days.
  8. @Prokiller not sure if you talked to Troy but I'm coming to Carlisle, so you better be too!
  9. Welcome! I admit I'm intrigued by the screen name, lol. Do you possibly have a Deep Violet car, or maybe the uber rare Iris Metallic?
  10. Please show us this mystic fobra, the name has me intrigued! @Mystic Fobra
  11. Done! I'll shout you out from the Source IG account later also
  12. Hmmmmm, for once they didn't have this show on my wife's birthday. Might be able to make it happen this year!
  13. A bone stock 84k mile 94 has to be a unicorn these days, congrats on the purchase! Post up some pics!

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