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Community Answers

  1. Turned out fantastic! Looks amazing
  2. Absolutely bronze with the lip detail left machined (or possibly polished to repair the rash and then cleared?) I would personally go a bit darker bronze than those last pics but it looks great either way.
  3. That's some serious power, especially knowing that it can take more and I'm sure you guys will get it to its final form eventually. Side note... I love the tach display on those cars sooooooo much.
  4. And they have redesigned them again recently and made the drawers deeper IIRC.
  5. Any particular reason you kept the factory catback? Just curious.
  6. Can't wait to see a video of this and hear all the freedom from those headers! lol
  7. Awesome! This car is going to be amazing when its done.
  8. It's pretty bad when I've renewed my registration so many times now, with the exact same mileage, that I don't even have to go look at the odometer to fill out the renewal anymore. 131,376 since October 2012 lol. (bought it with 99k on it in 2003)
  9. That's the plan. I won't be making leaps and bounds of progress but I'm planning to at least start chipping away at it.
  10. Yo dawg, we heard you like Raptors so now you can tow a raptor with your raptor! lol Very cool, didn't even know they put those motors in boats.
  11. That truck is going to be a beast!
  12. Looking forward to seeing the Whale Cannon back in the spotlight! My commitment this year is to do something, anything, to my car before year's end. If I can stick to that I'll call it a success. I did buy Racecraft 2" drop spindles for my car from Jon Sowa's terminator, so I guess that counts as doing something, lol.
  13. That display is definitely sweet! I would say if you can get the tach to display just the first number, and skip the x500's, it would be much better. There's a reason that's how every tach you've ever seen is laid out that way, lol. The 10-2 o'clock area is definitely super busy as you said lol.

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