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  1. Made this post so I could copy a few of these pics that I had uploaded to this page.
  2. Yessir, Moved to North Texas in the Mckinney area, we've come a long way in a short time. TX has been very good to us. And thanks can't wait for the kiddo to get here, and to get back in another SN! What are your plans for your car? Idk how you guys let them sit so long, I've never been good at being patient with a project, but now regret selling my Cobra because of it
  3. Yep, going to come quick. Having a Boy, I actually killed the motor in my coupe doing the gender reveal burnout that led me to sell it shortly after lol
  4. Hey whats up! Yea, For sure kid will be here in 6 weeks. So I'm sure I'll have my hands full for the next 6 months. But really want another SN, something my son can ride in to the racetrack or a car show with me. My gutted coupe wasn't up to the task.
  5. Well it's been years since I've logged on. So I figured I would re introduce myself. Would love to see the forum get back to what It used to be! I went from founding member/moderator giving it all I had to an inactive member. Lost my position as mod, lost my job, later selling my cobra, moving out of state and being without a car for nearly 3 years. Last year I bought a 86 4Eye Coupe, built it, raced it and literally a year later I sell it and have my first kid on the way... So I'm at a stand still right now, but want to get back to my roots and back into a SN95 early 2018 if possible....
  6. Out Of all the threads that I have read I really can't seem to get an answer to my question or from looking at pictures and then I came across this and you seem to be the only mother f***** that actually knows what he's talking about properly and so I ask you this will the catback exhaust from a 2003 SVT Cobra fit under my 97 GT please let me know as it is bugging me thank you for your time

  7. ^ Neggitive A Tune is not required to run gears, and his car doesn't require a speed cal either. It needs the $25 dollar "white" speedometer gear for 3.73/4.10s.
  8. Rods are like roses to men...
  9. Pretty cool feature, I think modded mustangs had somthing like this...
  10. Good lil write up for you fuel pump newbs:blink:

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