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  1. Seen a video on YouTube with you rolling into the pre meet
  2. What do you mean by packages?? I haven't read to much into HOW. So if I set my guys back to the factions I was working on I get bonus gear for having them currently in a faction??
  3. @Venom351R this game is going to be good!!! At least I pray it is. Ps4 needs a good racing game
  4. @tony. That looks pretty sick actually. Im really digging it. I may just have to pull the trigger on 800+ price tag to have two chopped up and widened. I want to buy another set and keep my originals all original just so i have them. So if anyone knows someone with those that are mint for a good price let me know
  5. Looks pretty slick to me! Definitely different which is nice to see. What company makes the wheels?
  6. Thanks iRoush. I decided on Bilsteins found a pair basically brand new for a good price.
  7. Sweet thanks Sublime once the suspension is all done those are my next project
  8. I'm seriously considering on keeping these and get two more and send those out to be widened. Keep that sleeper look
  9. Well guys a cool little update. I found basically brand new maybe 10 miles on them Bilstein shocks and struts shipped for $500. So i saved a good amount of money. Im that much closer to getting the suspension put in.
  10. @Det_Riot @tony. Thanks for info. And a lip on them even if I could will look stupid. Ill have to wait and hear what their quote is on widening them. Then ill update you guys on going cost.
  11. Hey guys, So I have some ideas running through my head. I have a 96 cobra with the stock rims. And I am thinking about keeping the stockish look. I am in love with the Rovos Durbans. But I am thinking about keeping the stocks and either sending the rears out or find a spare set and have the rears widened to accomodate a 305. And my other thought is how would it look with the stock rears having a lip. So is it possible for you guys to add a lip to them so I have an idea if they will look totally stupid or cool?? I can supply you with as many different angle pictures as possible
  12. @MustangMagazine like to see what the youngster's got under his sleeves. @Blackmage and thanks bud gives me some sort of idea. If someone can find a better pic of rims to use as the dummys that be sweet. Couldn't find one. Also if you guys want another angle to use let me know. Maybe you can shop in that sweet concave O sweet ill check it out thanks @MustangMagazine

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