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  1. I just try not to think about what could go wrong :-). Both times I spent a bit of time before coming back to check over the car and I have a friend that lives there that helped me out with that. I figure in the worse case, I have AAA and a credit card so I can either fix the car if something happens or abandon it and get a flight home but so far all has gone well. And working on a non rusty car makes it all worth it. I guess I could go south instead but so far the cars I have found that I like have been out west.
  2. Yep, here is the old beast, sadly I have not been nice to it over the last 20 years but it is still kicking. Someday I need to spend some real money on it but life gets in the way sometimes.
  3. Thanks guys, So until my sig is setup, I live in Fairport, NY (Rochester area) and just purchased a 1995 Yellow GT. I picked it up on the cheap from a lien sale in Southern California and drove it home last October. Over the last year, I have been mostly just normal maintenance and fixing little things that bugged me on the 3000 trip home. Replaced Fuel pump and CCRM wiring Pigtail (I won't even go into detail about previous owners "repair" bypassing fuel pump relay). Also installed new odometer gears. Over the winter I'll be replacing springs and struts/shocks as previous owner heated sprin

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