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  1. Hey welcome to the source, I recognize the username! Can't get enough the cobra and mach!
  2. That sucks about moving dates. Being in July made the perfect excuse to combine mustang week and a family vacation for me. Though lower prices and temps is always welcome. Hopefully attendance isn't too far down from this year.
  3. I honestly didn't know there was a site store here. Perhaps when the funds and all get squared away to keep everything going and the stress a lot of you guys are feeling subsides shirts and other merchandise could available for purchase. I have the sn95source MW shirt from a year ago and I love it and would be willing to pay for another source shirt. Maybe a stream of extra income for the site if someone could throw out designs, I know I'm not the only member that would buy shirts to both help out and rock at car shows.
  4. You can sign me up to be a supporting member as well. Hell I have gained more tech advice and viewed more crazy build threads that have given me more and more ideas than I ever did with my MMFF magazine subscription and the price would be about the same. Also if the site went down there would be way too many unfinished build threads that would leave a void that no other site could fill lol..
  5. I'm planning to go this year. Hopefully with the car but if something weird happens I'll go to spectate all the same.
  6. Funds heading your way! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. As a ginger... I will put that complexion claim to the test.
  8. I just spit my lunch all over my computer... that was perfect!
  9. For sure! Love the chin spoiler cut to fit the cobra bumper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Can't say I have ever seen a wide-body shelby convertible... looks wicked. Those wheels are insane!
  11. Thanks again for the warm welcome. I need to start my build thread and try to get a picture of the car when it was together. Seems all I have handy now are project pictures. Lol. Anyway here are some pictures of the car as it sits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the welcome and sorry for the serious delay in response on my part. I have been on SVTp for a while and just figured it was time to branch out and get more involved in sn95 specific forums. A little about myself: I am a combustion and performance engineer at Cummins Inc. I grew up in Indiana and have remained here, I attended Purdue University where I studied mechanical engineering. I have a 1998 cobra that I bought in high school and have kept it mostly stock. Well now that I am out of school I have decided to build it up.

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