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  1. Lmao as long as my clutch holds up idc.. Cant be slamming gears so id lose but it would be fun =]
  2. Awwww that wouldve been fun if he wouldve ran i wouldve in my turd v6 =P
  3. Idk that Vdubb is pretty sweet =P lol passed your job today while at work and saw it. Its pretty clean from what i saw.. i just cant do yellow
  4. This sounds pretty fun =] Although panama city is quite a haul for me haha
  5. Haha well if jeremy goes to we could station people in different areas haha
  6. Ive owned mine for about a year but it would prob run an 18 lmao not worth running until the motor =] Ill come watch you guys though.. should run each other just for fun if you can =P
  7. I will actually be able to make it this time hopefully =]
  8. Sweet let's organize this

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