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  1. PM incoming Awesome build too! Very cool idea
  2. The swaybar looks fun to install as well. lol. Fin A. Yea that list will grow maybe. Mine is a bit larger but I am a ways behind you in things
  3. I havnt been doing as much research on the fluid as I could since I dont want to fill the rear until i can steadily drive it. But I have a Trutrack as well so I may look into what you are using! So I am glad I saw that post lol. I have never been in one with this much work either. And to go from just springs to the whole thing being upgraded will be interesting. May be hard to get used to since it will be a big jump. My rear end let go of its seals at @Prokillers house. So that was the tipping point to really get the project underway. Bought the trutrack, 373s(found out car had them the whole time lol), 31 spline axels, rebuild kit, ARP studs, B&M diff cover. Then had it done at a shop and they welded the tubes, cutt off some of the extra mounts on the axels, and painted it. So that was 1k in labor. and about 1100-1200 in parts give or take. Did not do C-clip eliminators though. I already had koni yellows, So needed the Coils from MM and the TQ Arm. Got a set of used MM race ones for $100. Had the PH bar from @Prokiller already (trade for FR500 steering wheel). I just need the swaybar and aluminum driveshaft. I havent thought about the upper shock mounts yet. Were they a pain? But your car is coming along. Good to see it back in the garage. What is next on the list now that the rear suspension is done?
  4. Awesome I may have to look into that. I would say 1500 isnt bad to have into the rear end so far. I rebuilt the rear first, so that was close to 2k. Then the suspension parts; but i still need the swaybar, then aluminum DS and safety loop. Curious to your thoughts on the setup since mine will be about identical to you. It is also coming along a little slowly due to 2 trips to Europe this year eating its way into the budget. So you will be done it prior to me. That is crazy that guy let the IRS go for that. But hell of a deal even if it needs rebuilding
  5. So this what you decided to go with? I did quite a bit of googling when I had the rearend rebuilt. It still has no oil in it and I cannot decide on the oil to use. I also have a Trutrack Ill have to look up this oil later. Is it mineral based or synthetic?
  6. Yes I am curious on this as well. It looks a bit easier on a lift lol. And damn the frame drilling on the PH!
  7. 1st. What would be the best non synthetic gear oils to use. And what weight did the 8.8s come with normally. Next would be what seems to be the difference between these 2 kits, minus the high torque bearing. Is that a recommended thing for our rears? https://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-88-pinion-kit-8614v8.html -- Ford # M-4210-B2 https://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-88-pinion-kit-8604.html --- Ford # M-4210-C3
  8. I will actually need to read this build. There seems to be a little less clutter in the engine bay/around the suspension.. Did you delete the EGR?
  9. So what I am curious is. What brake sets are straight swaps for sn95 cobras. As far as no modifying to get the calipers to fit/work. I believe the 2000 Cobra R calipers are correct? What about GT500 or the new GT PP brembos? If one were to get 00R calipers. Could one also upgrade to larger rotors as well? like 14'' vs the 13? Or would that not work because the caliper is not designed for it so therefor not deep enough? Pardon the newby questions here.
  10. Oddly enough I have been running a tune from them in my 96 cobra for 5 years or so. Never an issue. Granted the car hasnt been driven much the past year. But prior to that. Granted I am using a Livewire TS. I wouldnt use the chip really if I ever had to. That thing is a massive pain in the ass. These cars have very simple computers and I can bet the tunes have not changed much, if at all, since 5+ years ago. Just not worth it to look into updating anything on our cars tune wise. Just not needed. If you are going FI I would say deff find a shop near you that has a good reputation if you need to use a chip and cant tune via email with another company.
  11. really coming along guys! well done and it is looking great!
  12. Those lights definitely help in there! Perfect area for detailing

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