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  1. I'm failing to understand why you think I'm a retard or something? is there a reason your ALWAYS trying to put me down?
  2. I thought it was illegal to print photos of mustangs for copyright?
  3. i'll be on a deployment, maybe MW15!
  4. I wanted to go so bad but my leave got denied, stupid deployment work up
  5. If somebody could pick me up an MGW short throw, cheap i'll pay whatever you pay for it.
  6. Yea, ill be at camp pendleton. You guys think you could make me a sig photo? I don't have a computer on base..
  7. Just wanted to pop in and say im loving the corps. Im almost finished with school of infantry and I got selected for marine recon(like special forces) so im going to california! My new mach 1 is sad im leaving!
  8. how heavy are those ball and chains now a days??
  9. Different camera. first one is spot on in sound.
  10. I just wanted to pop in and say I'm headed to bootcamp in a few hours, I'm going to miss some of you guys. I went and had some fun in my stand today as im going to miss it. see you guys in 3 months!
  11. Thats the reason the cruise is so soon, I leave for bootcamp sept 25th. I will let you stay at my house. we have two extra bedrooms. *sigh* I know...
  12. then make the drive down here and cruise with us.

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