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  1. I don’t think you fully understand the initial investment and red tape It requires. I would have to find a car. Fly to main side (again, I’m lower island). Pay for the car. Get JCI ($500 MINIMUM). $2k minimum import (I ride the 9 day ferry). Registration and insurance (rank and service, so $800). Not to mention it has to be completely paid off before it LEAVES Japan. them the cost to get it home. had a LCpl drop 58k on a TT Supra, that he likely Won’t get home....
  2. I spend SO MUCH on sushi....... Not worth it. I’m on the Lower island so I’d have to pay an import fee. In the mean time I’m rocking a $2k Honda Civic wagon. I thought about bringing back a Supra, but there’s a lot of red tape and hoops that I’m honestly too lazy to jump through for a measly 20k
  3. Military. I’m an an instructor out here.
  4. I’m actually living in Japan now. Actually trying to track the car down so I can try and buy it back.
  5. Still alive. Ended up selling the car back in 2018.
  6. sorry I've been gone for so long. Military life and such. Car has been running fine since aside from my breathers blowing oil all over the motor and smoking out. Didn't do it before I deployed so I'll be doing a leak down and compression test tomorrow to make sure motor is healthy. Still runs like a raped ape 😂😂
  7. I was told it's normal for break in, since I only have 3k on it. So I changed the oil and I'll drain it at 500miles and check again.
  8. I'm more concerned with the flakes..
  9. Yeah, the issue ended up vanishing on its own.. Changed the oil today. Guess it's time to hard park it and start saving for a new motor
  10. I know I'm late to the party, but I am super excited your engine builder fixed the issues!
  11. The bov isn't opening causing the issue. It's opening when the motor stutters.
  12. Well, today I finally have my first series issue. Earlier today I made a 2-4 gear wot pull (i was passing a semi, and why not?) And all was good. Later that night retiring home I kinda got on it a tiny bit in third gear, and at 3900-4k, the car falls right on its face. If I dont hit it at wot it will pass 4k, wot and its like I'm letting off. I can hear the bov open when this happens so I dont think it's that. Ill be checking the plugs to see of I POSSIBLY fouled one since I am slightly rich and conservative on the tune side. For tye record, I'm freaking out.
  13. You boys wanna go to mehico??? VID_20160723_122049946.mp4
  14. Started installing my gauges today. This turned out to be alot more difficult than originally anticipated. I have the wideband sensor and pressure sender installed on the motor and hotside. The wires are ran through the firewall on the passenger side and through the back of the dash. I have the old pillar out but ran into clearance issues with the new one and all the wires. I picked up a nifty little cutting bit for my dremel and cut out a slightly bigger hole. Unfortunately I ran out of time. So next weekend I should be able to finish that install up.

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