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  1. I wanna replace my driver side door pull handle, filler panel... finding one for a manual window car is like finding hens teeth
  2. they are $499 for the 4inch cowl shipped.. a shade less if I wanna drive the 5hrs to Dallas to pick it up.. I'd either have to drive up there without a hood on my car or pick it up with a truck.. lol
  3. here's a few pics of the latest.. bought some front prokit springs from Tony and left the backs stock for now. I wanted to see how the front settles first.. even with the rear being stock it doesn't look that bad. also installed one inch spacers on the rear. pulled the wing and took the side stripe off... it's like Johnny Cash said.. "One piece at a time" .. I'm gonna take some more pics this week since the stripe removal.. no more of the V6 Sport Appearance package look lol next up, put my tail pipes back on, window tint, and an abc exclusive 4 inch cowl. anyone have one of their hoods?
  4. It was a model made that was stripped down...roll up windows, manual locks, no abs, no fog lights...in 1996, it was just refered to as option 248a...
  5. I'm in Louisiana lol any others ???
  6. thanks guys.. I added a video to my intro thread..
  7. thanks guys.. here's a video of it https://youtu.be/2Trf_mjHDg0
  8. just joined and wanted to show off the bucket of bolts.. according to my Marti report, it's one of 207 Opal frost GTS cars made in 1995... oh and it has a healthy 347 under the hood lol

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