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  1. lol Hey! I know you!! $ - ) Thanks man, glad to see so many familiar faces on here. Like your sig, car is looking great as always.
  2. Thanks man, appreciate the kind words . Glad to be apart of the site - lots of cool builds here, I like your ride as well!
  3. Sent here by tony , I own two SN95's. Here are a few photos and info for the cars. Some of the modifications for the BAB include UPR K member and full suspension goodies including coil-overs and subframes, has AmericanRacingHeaders exhaust setup 1 3/4 LT headers to a 3" xpipe. T45source 700rw racing t45 transmission. Stage 2 clutch mgw short shift 4.10 gears etc. Sitting at approx 300w/3400 lbs. In the process of being a street/auto x car that can-turn. Main things left to do are Built IRS, rotating assembly, brakes, new wheels/tires, boost. The 1997 is factory stock minus the Cobra R

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