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Found 8 results

  1. I'm wondering what the difference is between the stock 2v iron block and the wap block. Im planning on putting my 2v heads on my wap block and wondering if I would need any little parts or anything. Would the stock 2v mounts, water pump, power steering pump, etc work on the wap block.
  2. jos3.svt

    2v -> 4v

    How difficult would it be to swap 2v heads to 4v? What do I need besides the head?
  3. Gonna have to get my build thread back up and running on here. I think I posted it in the wrong place the last time but doesnt matter as Photobucket kind of ruined it when they stopped allowing photo sharing . I have one more event this year mid Sept Im taking the car to and then I will be tearing it down to install some cams and and a built 8.8. Will also be doing some needed maintenance. Here's the most recent photo of it.
  4. Ok so now that my 96 is back up and running I was driving it around the past couple days and it ran absolutely fine. Then the random misfire I had last year popped back up. Last year before it sat for 9 months, it would have a random misfire on cylinders 7 & 8. I replaced all the quick ones... NGK Plugs, FRPP wires, I had a spare coil I threw on to see and NOTHING had helped. Fast forward to last week when I start the car up and it runs perfect. Not even a hiccup in the idle. Three days later it starts misfiring horribly. My buddy asked if I had tested the injectors, and while I had checked to make sure they're firing, I cant really do a flow test on them. Could it be the injectors had gotten a piece of debris that dislodged after it sat and then plugged up the hole again after it ran for a while? If so has anyone had any experience with having their injectors sent out and cleaned? I'd rather not spend $300 on new ones.
  5. Well looks like times are changing and it's time to get budget blue onto another sn95 forum. For those that have not seen the car I bought this thing in the fall of 2014 as a cheap project car to tinker with over time. I just bought a house and had a kid on the way so I didnt have a lot of funds to work with. Car was in very rough shape, owned by a young kid that didnt take good care of it but I could tell I could bring some life back into it. Its a 98gt with 143k on the clock 5spd with cloth interior. Car when I went to look at it......
  6. Dirtyred's 98 GT ExteriorCobra R hoodCobra bumper coverCobra headlights Replica export mirrorsshorty antenna faded window tintblack 4.6 fender badges​ InteriorJack Roush autographRacing seatsRear seat delete with built in SubwooferBillet gas pedalsTouch screen flip out Boss head unit​ Engine98 SOHC 4.6 with H/C/I PI swapCAI Large air filterMotorcraft spark plugsMotorcraft ignition coilsPainted valve covers​ DrivetrainStock t45 transFidanza light weight flywheelStock OEM clutchAftermarket adjustable clutch cable kitSteeda short throw shifter​ SuspensionSteeda lowering springs with 1 coil cutKoni yellow adjustable shocks and strutsMaximum Motorsports caster camber plates03/04 Cobra front brake calipers and rotorsAftermarket brake lines​ Wheels/Tires17'' Fr500s17/9 front 255/40/17 Nitto17/10.5 rear 315/35/17 Sumitomo ​ ExtraWalbro 255Lph fuel pumpFlowmaster turn downsBBK h pipe Ok guys so I have finally got the time to make a build thread for my 98 GT and I figured I would give you guys a little background on the car first and follow up later with pics in the beginning stages if you guys like and just update from there. Ok so i picked the car up towards the beginning of the year with some mods to it but just as many things needing to be replaced. I bought it from the owner that had it since 05 when it had 50x miles and he was 15. Now for my future plans, I am torn between 3 options. The 0n3 turbo kit, a 100 shot of nos, and the tork tech kit. As of right now I am stuck on the tork tech kit because of that beautiful whine that we all love so that's the direction I am heading now. But until I get there I will be adding all the supporting mods to make it even more of a complete car and a blast to drive when done. So that basically sums it up, let me know what you guys think of the build and the future plans.
  7. Starting this up for my 2v Turbo Build - Keep in mind 18 year old College student with little amount of money, but I will plan on making this as cheap as possible to have my car running/turboed before this year 2016' Mustang Week. Already after doing some searching - fitment issues is god awful for the (96-98) 2v's which I myself have a 96' 2v. So I went ahead and Purchased a AJE Tubular K-Member - $293 (Ebay) Highly recommended was a Slot Style MAF - I went ahead and purchased a PMAS HPEX for - $200 (Ebay) ON3's V-bands are garbage according too many people - I went ahead and Purchased three 2.5' V-bands and one 4' V-band from VMS Racing - $52 (Ebay) Next purchase would have been header bolts but luckily my dad has worked on cars in the past and he has stage 8 bolts laying around I have access too which saved me - $60 I purchased a used 2003 Oil style filter adapter - $60 (Ebay) Rumor has it the relocation kit given by ON3 is garbage so I picked up a Morso Remote Filter for - $80 Thanks to @slow90coupe for his post that allowed me to get a Morso Remote Filter! - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/mor-23686 Ordered everything 11/21/15 - So no photos yet waiting upon arrival ! $700 with all shipping is not bad for the Stage 1 musts for this kit ! ** Keep in mind I have not ordered the ON3 Kit getting the essential parts out of the way First ** Thanks to @Det_Riot for letting me steal these Hoosiers ! Current Mods on the 52k Mile 2v Motor: BBK shorty Headers, BBK Cold Air Intake, Flowmaster 44 Series exhaust Catback Exterior Mods (not really Mods): Cobra bumper, Side Scoops, Eibach Lowering Springs, 2 1/2 Cervini Cowl, Saleen S281 Wing, American Muscle's Smoked Crystal clear Headlights, AM's Tinted taillights. Can't wait to get this ball rolling! - Please drop a comment below if you think I am missing something from the first stage of ordering.
  8. Well, since I'm new here and all, I wanted to start a thread showing what all I have done up to this point and what my future plans are. You ready? Sweet, read on: When I picked up my DSG Stang, she looked something like this: Total loss of the front bumper cover, shock absorber and damage to the driver's side fender and to the passenger side quarter panel. For $1500.00 bucks and with only 50k on the clock at the time though, my 18 year old self could't refuse such a deal. Little did I know, there was more than mere cosmetic damage; the subframe was tweaked slightly, as well the the K-Member. The oil-pan was also jacked up pretty good, and the steering rack had it's mounts all but severed off. To top it all off, the factory "Torque Thrust" style rims were bent as well. So it was on to a few more weeks of driving my old Ford Focus around. Fortunately, I had some cash in my pocket from graduating from military schools. I got started as soon as I got all the parts: I drove it around in that working order for a few months, even though I was still working out some bugs. The 'stang still felt down on power though, and looked like every other DSG and Mineral Grey 'Stang on the road: After some time, the mod bug bit me and I added a new hood, a rear end blackout kit, a set of MSD COP's and Iridium spark plugs, projector style headlights, a CAI and handheld tuner, and an interior dress up kit. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to take photo's of everything I did, but here's what I have, which is pretty good representation of how she sits now: Currently, I have a Kenne Bell 2.1 Intercooled kit, subframe connectors, H&R Race Springs, Koni Shocks, and a few other minor things waiting to go on once I get back from Afghanistan in the Fall. Thanks for reading, and if you are interested, I will be posting more as I work on her.

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